June 24, 2024

School desks are very diverse, there are different models, from school chairs to teachers’ desks, black and white boards, desks and benches. Those looking for school equipment can also shop for vintage school desks with flaps and storage boxes or other designer furniture. School desk is part of the contemporary furniture that anyone living in a developed country uses during their schooling (standard teaching furniture, excluding technical or professional furniture).

Different models of school Desks

Those who are looking for school desks can go to Alibaba.com , they will have the option to choose between different design styles, contemporary, vintage… Offices for teachers or students, school offices whose length varies according to the number of places… The furniture can be designed in different materials: wood, plastic, steel, composite materials.

Depending on the model you are looking for, you may choose to purchase a tilting teaching table. The incline guarantees the student a better position. The 134 × 64 cm desk, whose height meets European standards, guarantees the student a high degree of stability. This easy-to-assemble piece of furniture is vibration-free. The choice of models can be made with a two-seater school office that is perfect for school development or a school office chair. The latest model is suitable for the use of multimedia equipment thanks to its adjustable height properties.

Find school desks suitable for a classroom

Find cheap vintage school desks online, school tables that are suitable for different classrooms. These design desks are available in a wide variety of models. Specialty stores that sell school desks offer furniture for different class levels. We can find furniture to equip a nursery, primary, school, institute or university. Depending on the needs, you can find an adjustable school table for children, a fixed table, a computer table and tables for the disabled.

Find sturdy and designer school desks

School desks are high-quality furniture that meet established standards in terms of comfort and ergonomics. In addition to the many categories of desks and chairs for teachers, it is also possible to buy accessories related to school tables, such as cabinets or table tops, accessories for laptops…

The origins of the school desk

For the record, the first desks appeared in schools in the 19th century, while schoolchildren only had benches and knees to write on.

These early models of desks were bolted to the ground and consisted of a long sloping wooden board, attached to a backless bench for up to twelve children!

These desks were equipped with a slot that prevented the pencil holders from falling out and the ink inserts to the right of each place.

This forced left-handed children to use their right hand to write, but also a place for candles that supplemented the oil lamp lighting.

They will undergo many changes:

  • double step
  • equipped with folders or lockers (at first retractable and open to the student)

Until the appearance in the 20th century of a variant of metal and wood, made up of solidary tables and chairs.


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