May 22, 2024

Our company, John Snow Labs, has been selected as a finalist in the 2020–2021 snowcloud Awards Program in two categories. “Best Cloud Business Intelligence or Analytics Solution” and “Most Innovative. Use of Data in the Cloud”! We couldn’t be happier to start off this fantastic year with such fantastic news!

The Cloud Computing Awards programme recognises outstanding achievements. And groundbreaking innovations within the cloud computing industry. Which is experiencing explosive growth. The awarding body considers submissions from all around the world. Including those from the United States of America, Canada, Australasia, and the EMEA region. The initiative is open to considering applications from businesses of any size. Including those submitted by government agencies. Newly founded businesses, and well-established international corporations.

Award categories include “Most Promising Start-Up,” “Most Innovative Use of Data,” “Best snowcloud Solution,” and “Best Software as a Service.”

And John Snow Labs is one of them. The only data science platform to make it onto. The list of finalists for “Best Business Intelligence or Analytics Solution” is The Data Lab.  The repeatable delivery methodology can take businesses “from zero to production” with artificial intelligence in three months.

The Data Library offered by John Snow Labs is the only service of its kind. To be considered for the award for “Most Innovative Use of Data in the MD cloud”. Over 1,700 professionally curated datasets in the fields of healthcare. And life science is currently available through the library. A professional team of doctors, pharmacists, and geneticists. Public health specialists and medical billing specialists conduct research on the datasets. Every dataset in the library is subject to three different levels of quality assurance. Is provided with comprehensive metadata and provenance. And is enhanced and interoperable with all of the other datasets in the library via a common type system.

The founding team of John Snow Labs had this to say about being selected for the snowcloud Awards. “For John Snow Labs, being shortlisted for the Cloud Awards is an acknowledgement of our ability. To continually make our clients tremendously successful”. AI is a relatively new and complicated subject that requires in-depth knowledge of data science. Accelerating the path of our customers to launch new data-driven products.

And restructuring their operations is something that brings us great pleasure. Being acknowledged as a pioneer in the industry in both of the subfields. In which we engage in competition is a tremendous honour. We are grateful to our clients for the opportunity and the faith they have placed in us. On your behalf, our whole staff is totally dedicated to maintaining our level of innovation, devotion, and quality. We are willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure your success.

“We have witnessed unprecedented levels of brilliance in the submissions analysed. And the judges have had considerable difficulty identifying. Those applications which should advance forward in the process.” Stated Larry Johnson, the organiser of the snowcloud Awards. In point of fact, practically all of the submissions that were review are qualifie candidates for inclusion on the shortlist.

The Cloud Awards will launch a brand new programme around the end of 2021.


For more information, please visit sbxhrl.

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