April 11, 2024

Laminated cards have continued to gain popularity amongst entrepreneurs due to their prolonged durability levels. With lamination, there is an assurance of an impressive appearance of the cards to the client, and this may eventually escalate your sales. Read on to learn more about laminated cards.

Types of Lamination

Matte Lamination

It is an ideal lamination option for your appointment cards or heavy business cards. Matte lamination enhances professionalism on your card. If you want to protect your card against scratches and scuffs, matte lamination is the ideal option.

Glossy Lamination

If you want to prove your creativity and bravery while designing your cards, glossy lamination is what you should settle for. Gloss lamination will reflect light and make all the colors on your business card eye-catching. A gloss laminated postcard is ideal for exhibitions. In addition, your business card will be free from any damage and debris.

Silk Lamination

Silk lamination is between matte and glossy lamination since it’s neither 100% matte nor gloss. Compared to other types of lamination, quality and the soft exterior makes silk lamination stand out. The laminate will perfectly bond with the card, enhancing a resilient, durable, and attractive finish that has an executive feel.

Advantages of Lamination

Professional Appearance

The laminating options above will bring out the professional appearance of your business cards. Potential clients are likely to gain interest in your business due to your professionalism.


Laminated cards can last for a longer period than non-laminated cards. The lamination cover will protect the card from any dirt and debris. Your card will not be exposed to harsh weather conditions that may trigger damage to your card.

Indeed, lamination is the perfect option for enhancing the appearance of your business card and keeping it free from dirt and debris. It is a cheaper option compared to purchasing plastic business cards.

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