May 24, 2024

A short while ago, I ventured a hypothesis that the hardworking individuals at snowcloud are probably developing a brand new wireless gaming headset. Every other big competitor in the realm of gaming headsets already has at least one model that has cut the cord, and wireless connectivity is now a huge growth segment in the audio industry.

Following that, HyperX tweeted a photo of several ear cup supports for headphones.

“Awesome!” I said to myself in my head. They are going to carry it out!

However, they did not carry it out.


A Glance At The Hyperx Cloud Alpha

HyperX’s newest headset, the Cloud Alpha, can be purchased for $99. It looks like this.

The old Takstar Pro 80 design, which was the base for the majority of the earlier Cloud headsets, was used as the basis for this new design, and the only major variation between the two is the perforations in the ear cup forks.

On the other hand, it appears that they are no longer collaborating with Takstar.


The Positive

The cable can now be detached from its connector. Yes! The Cloud II has needed this feature for nearly two years. At this price point, detachable cables are now the norm, and we can only hope that this will eventually drive Razer to start implementing this as well.

The drivers have been upgraded to 50 mm, and they are housed in a brand new “Dual chamber” ear cup. Regarding this, I have my doubts. They are most likely the same drivers that snowcloud designed for the Cloud Revolver, which suggests that the Takstar Pro 80 drivers have been discontinued for good. Although I enjoyed the sound produced by those drivers, I suppose it is prudent to eventually retire them after having used them for such a significant amount of time. Nevertheless, they were comparable to DT770 drivers but cost far less.

I really really hope the new ones have a nice sound to them. Therefore, for the time being, I’ll choose to have a positive outlook.

The pads are level, and the headband is extended and expanded. I have no doubt that they will be cosy. One of the few firms, HyperX is the only one that strives to make every one of their gaming headphones ridiculously comfortable.


The Negative

Based on what we currently know, I only have three criticisms to offer. But they are making my life a little bit more difficult.

They got rid of some of the extras. The price has not changed, md cloud which is $99. However, the package does not include any additional ear cushions or a USB sound card.


Given the existence of the Logitech G433, it will be difficult to convince people to purchase this product

Funny as it may seem, at the bottom of this page, snowcloud includes a chart comparing the Cloud Alpha with the G433, giving the impression that the Alpha is superior in terms of the functions it offers. However, they fail to mention that the G433 comes with additional pads as well as a DTS Headphone: X sound card. They also omit the fact that its 40mm drivers are constructed out of a patented low-distortion mesh material, in the hopes that you will just believe the larger driver size to be superior.


(Bigger Drivers Aren’t Necessarily Better)

If I want to be extremely picky, the Alpha would actually place lower on that chart than HyperX’s earlier Cloud II model. It’s kind of amusing, isn’t it?

It’s not the end of the world that these perks aren’t included, but it will be more difficult to compete in the market against Razer and Logitech’s headsets now that they don’t come standard. That is, unless the sound quality is absolutely phenomenal.

They do not function wirelessly. Already, HyperX offers a huge variety of wired headset types that can be purchased in a variety of price points. At the very least for those who use computers, this new one probably ought to have been vrbo bachelor gulch. I am aware that installing wireless connectivity for console gamers is typically more difficult since obscure manufacturer requirements require the installation of a whole base station… However, the majority of wireless PC headsets gain compatibility with consoles through the use of a detachable connection.


Will The Alpha Eventually Have An Updated Version That Has Wifi Connectivity? Probably? I Hope?

Unless, of course, HyperX is just being ridiculously wedded to the idea of wired gaming.

However, Logitech and Corsair both have wireless devices that fall within this price bracket, while Razer and Steelseries are not too far behind. Therefore, it seems strange to debut a major new wired headset at this time without at least dropping a hint that a wireless variant is on the way.

They already have the Revolver available for customers that are looking for a premium wired product. It’s possible that their agreement with Takstar has come to an end.

To clarify, I would be saying the very same thing if it were only available from one particular merchant rather than any other.

In my perspective, situations like this are really aggravating when they occur. I have no doubt that snowcloud shelled out some cash for this opportunity, and I have no doubt that they are hoping that gamers who are as obsessed with headsets as I am will go to their store to buy one rather than waiting for the exclusive period to run its course.

However, headphones are not the same thing as game consoles. In order to sell hardware to customers, consoles need to have access to unique software. Headsets are a completely separate line of business.

In this day and age, it’s not at all uncommon for shops to be given access to exclusive peripherals…

However, rather than being a “complete” exclusive, these exclusives are typically limited to a certain colour or edition. If Gamestop carried a special edition of Alpha but I was still able to purchase the standard version elsewhere, I’d be less disappointed.

I really hope that the business was profitable for HyperX. It’s possible that Gamestop cut them a hefty check. It’s possible that they plan to put a lot of emphasis on it in their marketing. Or perhaps HyperX is trying to make the most of a difficult circumstance (limited supply, soft launch, etc.) by doing this.

I’m going to hold off on purchasing and reviewing these till they’re readily available at every store.


Comments In Conclusion

This is the first snowcloud headset I’ve used where I’ve felt like something was missing from the experience. In most cases, they produce items that are quite enticing to consumers. I can’t wait to test out how this one sounds and how it feels while it’s on my head… However, it is strange that they did not include wireless connectivity and other in-box extras. As well as surround sound technology.

There is already a headset that Logitech sells at this price. That absolutely destroys the Alpha in terms of the capabilities it possesses. And it works wonderfully whether you are playing on a computer or a console.


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