May 30, 2024

Greensburg, KS. May 6, 2007 – Richard Hainje, Administrator of FEMA’s Region VII, talks with the driver of “Red October,” a mobile operational command vehicle deployed to Greensburg in the aftermath of an EF-5 tornado. There were no buildings standing, so FEMA deployed many emergency operations vehicles to provide office and work space for federal, state and local officials. FEMA/Crystal Payton

Logistics companies across the nation have different truck-driving jobs available. Especially for veterans and military professionals, these might look like lucrative opportunities. Veterans fit in perfectly into the boots of truck drivers, thanks to their great teamwork and excellent leadership skills. Over the years, different military professionals have flourished well in the logistics industry as trusted and dedicated professionals.

However, not all veterans come from a background where they are adept at operating heavy machinery or trucks. Therefore, veteran’s CDL training is the best way to prepare to obtain a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). 

The CDL test involves theoretical and practical sessions after candidates undergo extensive training. Some unique training opportunities for veterans make CDL training much more alluring for military professionals. So, if you want to get CDL truck driver jobs training, here are some of the best ways in this article.


Apply to a Professional Truck-Driving School

Choosing a professional truck-driving school is the best option for veterans with no prior experience driving heavy trucks. Getting a military truck driver’s license becomes easier with relevant training and certification. Most truck-driving schools have a definite course for the job with classroom instruction, first-hand training, and hands-on driving skills. After graduating as a verified and certified truck driver, veterans can get placements in different logistics companies.

However, when choosing a driving school, there are some factors to look for, such as –

  • Always select a truck driving school that uses new or late-model equipment for training.
  • The driving school should have fair tuition fees. 
  • They must have a record of giving guaranteed placements after veterans graduate. 
  • They must be willing to let candidates spend a considerable time behind the wheel.

Receive Training from Trucking Companies

This can also be one of the ways for veterans to get CDL training. Look for trucking companies providing a veteran training program. Different such companies offer high-preference training programs, especially for veterans like –

  • Those who are interested in CDL training but have no previous experience.
  • Those who are presently CDL drivers or whose specialty while in service was that of a heavy truck operator. 
  • Those who have served in leadership positions in the military and want to use their management skills for the transportation and logistics industry now.

Make Use of the Military CDL Waiver

Generally, a truck-driving candidate must have CDP (Commercial Driver’s Permit) before getting the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). One can use the permit to drive trucks but with a CDL holder. This helps many drivers to get a direct behind-the-wheel experience. The CDP must be held for a definite time before candidates take the CDL driving test.

Those with two or more years of experience operating military trucks/buses can qualify for a waiver. Presently, most US states offer this waiver. Veterans eligible for the military waiver do not need to visit driving schools. They do not even need to have the CDP to get the CDL. All that they need is to take the written exam.


Wrapping Up

If you are a military professional looking to kickstart your journey in the logistics industry, the best way is to go for Veteran’s CDL training. Then, look for a professional training school and apply to become a certified truck driver tomorrow

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