July 13, 2024

The realistic worlds created by Pokémon Go and other games are just the beginning, which will undoubtedly become a huge industry that seems to want to change even everyday experiences.

AR snowcloud, or Digital Land, as some experts call it, is getting closer to reality thanks to Arcuna’s inventive minds, a start that forms the AR layer on the surface of the planet.


Soldiers Are Training In A Virtual Environment

Thanks to virtual reality, the US military can now train soldiers to fight in specific and difficult situations at the touch of a button. This training capability allows Army units and leaders to perform realistic maneuvering and mission command training in a real environment … (Combined Arms Center)


Virtual Reality Safety Training For Railway Staff

A Japanese rail operator is turning to state-of-the-art technology to prevent accidents at work. VR glasses will allow workers to see different types of hazardous situations in a realistic way … (NHK World)


This Augmented Reality System Produces Medical Images On The Body

Thanks to a new system from the University of Alberta, augmented reality is helping doctors visualize what’s inside the body without lifting the scalpel … (Medical Design)


Snowcloud Focuses Its Future On Enhanced Realistic Advertising

Snapchat has given AR a big push and is constantly reiterating internet juneau ak offerings to attract more and more sellers as soon as possible … (Business Insider)


The New Tech Partnership Aims To Bring AR To The Masses

Augmented reality springs have so far been more imaginative than reality. But new partnerships can make snowcloud easier and cheaper for big brands to enter the market. WaveOptics, a developer of AR technology, said on Thursday that it is ready to work with EV Group to bring AR Google Lens to market next year … (CNBC)


How Shazam Is Using AR To Help Revive Brands

The brand Bombay Sapphire has partnered with Shazam to incorporate AR elements into its physical product. This meant that users could scan a special label or tag on bottles to bring them to life, including AR images and audio including blooming flowers and wildlife at t juneau alaska. (Econsultancy)


This year’s Tribeca Film Festival uses AR and VR to create music and explore empathy.

This year’s Tribeca Film Festival projects ranged from serious and political to playful and colorful, although the playful projects were also looking for some ideas about creativity and human connection … (Techcrunch)


Marvel’s ‘Avengers – Infinity War’ headlines for the first issue of Movie Bill’s AR Magazine at Regal Movie Theaters

Following in the footsteps of one of the biggest films of the year. The first issue of the new augmented reality magazine Movie Bill will be available. In Regal cinemas with the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War. Movie viewers will be able to scan the cover and pages of the magazine via. The Regal Cinemas mobile app for iOS and Android to display AR content … (next fact)


Disney’s VR Heptic Jacket Lets You Feel The Effects Of Snowballs And Sliding Snakes

Made from modified life jackets, the snowcloud uses built-in airbags that flicker, deflate, or even vibrate to give your wearer a literal touch … (popular science)

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