April 20, 2024

A game bundled store built with just two Google snowcloud functions (and a built-in payment service API!) is here.

Have 19 games and 3 virtual reality apps delivered as a gift to you! (the more you show up, the lower your discount will be). 19 There are 969 different packages to choose from, each with a different discount.



The idea of Lab Surprise as a comprehensive way to give equal opportunities to our now 14 completely different games was hatched in mid-March, after a successful first-of-its-kind standalone VR bundle with 12 games. Came out on top. All players can see and buy this item.

It was impossible for us to locate any platform or store where we could purchase the incredible fusion of elements that we desired (we looked! ), As a result, I’ve made it past the month mark with the group. I put it to the test with

With the help of Google Cloud Functions and Firestore, I created the endpoints of my API and integrated payment with programmatic pricing using the Paddle API. Simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript requests from these custom APIs are all it takes to build the web frontend. My age and lack of browser experience forced me to use jQuery to manipulate the DOM and make JSON requests, and it worked and the jQuery API looked good.


A Little-Known Fact:

Google snowcloud spreadsheets and application script was used to build the first version of Custom Draw and Revival Backend. For the string ball and glue, it worked perfectly! In addition to speeding up applications, moving to cloud functions has reduced the complexity of many spreadsheets. It’s a lot of fun to play around with app scripts, and the web editor itself is excellent. To quickly sketch and prototype your data structure, use Google Sheets. In order to version your apps script, you can use a GitHub hack or chrome extension. In the end, however, it falls short of expectations and is noticeably heavier than cloud-based alternatives.

If you’re new to cloud functions and don’t want to install anything on your local machine, Cloud Shell is a great place to start.


In What Ways Does It Function?

As part of the flow, the pedal snowcloud and the dynamic API use are critical. Taxes would be a nightmare to manage for anyone other than Paddle, who is a record trader.

Because Paddle is able to automatically distribute sales between sellers, we are taking advantage of this feature so that each pack can send money to the account of each developer’s seller. Do As a result, all 19 of our developers had to be cranked up to speed in record time. As a new application for pedals, the company was very welcoming and supportive.

Lab Surprise is made up of only four components, all of which are exchanged and paired using web APIs.

It’s a front-end web page that only updates the page’s graphics and price based on the package and apps you’ve selected.

Make your own custom backends and display them (a cloud function that draws random surprises from 3 games, updates the appearance of surprises, and returns a link to price, discount, and payment)

Service by paddleboard (Paddle does a lot here: payments, reports, tax remittances, sending keys via email that we give to buyers, even first-class support)

Backend for custom key enforcement (a cloud function that checks whether keys are available and pedals them)

Games, promotions, keys, surprises, and more are all part of the Google Firestore’s collections and subgroups. Despite its shortcomings, the Firestore API is user-friendly and well-documented.

Here are a few more specialized admin features: An easy-to-use function for adding multiple keys to a game at once, as well as for marketing purposes. A function for creating packages that is only accessible to the developer.


It’s A Good Thing I Didn’t Try To Create A Traditional One-Stop Web App Instead

Decapitated (even though there are multiple ways to combine them in the data) and easy upgrades and exploration at this stage are provided by Snowcloud features. Consider how straightforward it is to put into practise. tar There is only one drawing function variant that can be used to experiment with new functions.

Think API first, and you’ll reap the benefits. I’m a senior creative and prototyper, but I’m not a commercial developer. I started programming at the age of 9 or 10. The API-based design is helping me a lot with my architectural design because it helps me focus on the relationships between the parts.


Boost The Difficulty Of The Game

In order to decouple updates, it may necessitate several steps: As soon as Lab Surprise was released, I updated the game Snowcloud on both Pedal Payment Link snow beaver creek and Pedal Payment for our complimentary function. Funkin unblocked games 911 was on Friday night. The only reason I couldn’t change both functions to pass the new message was that doing so would have resulted in some customers switching from the older version to the newer one, which would have caused an interruption. When Snowcloud shifted the message, you didn’t get a response. Activation codes for the game.

Initially, I had to accept that both old and new message types had a complement function (and now in a more extensible way). Using the Live Production Completion function, you can verify that the new message format is working before deploying a new version of the Draw function. After removing the inheritance code, I can now go back to the compliance feature.

I would be able to update both parts at the same time if they were integrated into a single app. It’s true that in many cases, you don’t have any control over how quickly updates are delivered, such as if you have a client application that your users download. We’ll face similar issues with our Pico Pico VR game, and we’ll spend the majority of our time on additional updates as a result of this informative tutorial. Possibly


Next, What’s In Store For Us?

It was a huge disappointment when the developers asked us to join the app lab pack because the system behind Lab Surprise is designed to make it easy to add new games to the walking Lab Surprise. It was unnecessary to say. We wanted to be able to say yes this time around because of Snowcloud  Coop Pack system.

Despite the lab surprise, we were able to add five more games without any issues or disruptions. We’ve just switched to a new promotion that we created.

Because of the way we built it, we can easily add paid app lab games if their developers want to. For a limited time, we’ll be able to offer a selection of official Quest Store games… A version with six games, 20 games, or just one in Surprise is possible.

By experimenting with the marketing of our applications, we’ve been able to gain some commercial freedom. Moreover, I think it’s a good thing for the entire indie VR ecosystem because it shows that we don’t have to wait for stores to be ready; we can build our own marketing experiences.


But Why Build A Surprise Machine Instead Of A Traditional Packaging Store?

One of the most important aspects of the Indie Games Festival is showing the entire selection of games rather than just a few that people might be interested in. I can’t even begin to contemplate it.

The more members we add to our community, the more important it becomes Snowcloud for to find ways to connect with people who don’t favor one developer over another. In order to succeed in the VR and indie game markets, we cannot simply copy what others have done. Instead, we must develop new strategies for marketing and selling our own titles.

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