February 27, 2024
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Titanium Glasses as Gaming Glasses

Do you want your gaming glasses to be stylish and trendy? Are you using the right pair of lenses that will protect the eyes from the harmful blue light rays emitted from the digital screen? Do wearing gaming glasses help in protecting the eyes from these harmful rays that are being emitted?

The above questions are some of the confusions that often arise in the minds of people. They get confused while buying gaming glasses as the glasses require the perfect coating and protection for the eyes. Hence the gamers must protect their eyes from the harmful blue light rays emitting from the digital devices.

Blue light Glasses for Gamers

In some research, it has been seen that gamers use the screen for more than 10 hours at a stretch. Hence, their eyes are more prone to damage than other people. They often don’t use gaming glasses and play games with naked eyes without any protection.

The rays that are emitted from digital screens are highly dangerous and damaging to the eyes. It also causes severe eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision. With all these problems it becomes for a person to enjoy hassle-free vision and tension-free gaming. Thus gaming glasses are a must for every gamer.

The gaming glasses have special coatings with blue light that helps to keep your eyes safe and protected. The layers that have been put in the glasses have special technology in them which helps to protect the eyes and keep them safe.

Why blue light glasses for all?

It has been a matter of debate whether blue light damages our eyes or not. Some experts say that the lights are safe and do not harm our eyes. And says that the lights are highly dangerous and harmful to the eyes. They cause various eye problems including blurred vision and eye strain. Our job is to take care of the eyes, without any involvement in the debates and controversies as “precaution is always better than cure”.

Not only gamers but blue light glasses are also required for all. Most people’s work is involved at the desk. Hence they also spend hours sitting in front of computers and laptops and their eyes are also getting exposed to harmful blue light that can harm the eyes.

The pandemic has changed the lives of people. The culture of work from home and online classes has increased during the pandemic and it is continuing. Thus screen usage has increased during this time. One has been spending most of his time in front of the screen. 

It is a habit of people that they carry their laptops before sleeping, do late-night work and use their mobile phones. All these are very dangerous and slowly our eyes are heading towards damage. They might not realise this while they use the devices, but it is very dangerous and harmful for them.

Stylish Gaming Glasses

Who said that gaming glasses cannot be stylish? Well, all glasses can be made into blue light gaming glasses. Fashion is now easier and more stylish than one has ever imagined. Since today’s generation is fashion conscious, they want to look perfect and with the latest clothes and accessories. For them, titanium glasses are one of the great choices, that will make them look stylish and will also serve the purpose of an eye protector. The titanium glasses are stylish as well as durable.

The elegant glasses are perfect to start your day as a gamer or as a work professional. These glasses create a perfect work look and also helps the gamers to be fashionable and follow the latest trend in fashion. Hence it is an advantage for people to buy titanium glasses as they will serve various purposes.

Tips for eye protection

While we are spending time in front of the screens, it is also important that we keep in mind certain things before we start facing problems in our eyes.

  • Go for a 10 min walk after every one hour of work. It is because it will not only help the eyes from the damage but will also help the body to stay fit and active. One often faces back pain sitting in the same posture. But if we change our posture and walk for some time it will help us to stay active and fit.
  • Take a break while you work for hours. Look out to the green, talk with your friends in the office. Do not look at the screen during the conversation or use your mobile while you look at the green. This will help to keep the eyes protected and safe. 
  • Use blue light glasses while working on laptops, computers, and mobiles. This will help to keep the eyes safe.
  • Always use the blue light filter on your device during your work, especially at night. The blue light rays that are emitted during the night are more harmful than that of the day.

Titanium eyeglasses frames

  • Titanium rimless frames- The titanium rimless glasses have strong rims which are made of titanium and are long-lasting. The metal frames look elegant and classy. You can style these glasses with your formals and attend your regular office.
  • Geometric glasses- Some geometric glasses with titanium rims are ready to wear for all occasions. They can be styled with casuals and with formals. A black suit or green shirt with denim and geometric glasses will make you look super cool.
  • Rectangular glasses- Rectangular glasses with full rims and a metal finish look are a fantastic choice that one can make. It goes with every attire, these men’s and women’s titanium spectacles will make you look out of the ordinary among the group.
  • Titanium half-rimmed glasses- The half-rimmed glasses in various shapes and sizes and with titanium finish look sophisticated. These glasses will bring out your hidden personality and charm with a dignified look. Metal glasses have a unique charm in themselves, and they look good on everyone. These are suitable mainly for your semi-formals but you can always experiment with your looks.

What are the benefits of metal and titanium frames?

There are several benefits of titanium frames. They are much lighter and easy to carry than other heavy frames. These frames are durable and last longer compared to other frames, and reduce the headaches of wearing heavy frames. 

The titanium frames will make you feel that you are not even wearing glasses. They are fashionable and can be paired with your attires. The titanium glasses are loved by the athletes for their amazing long-lasting promise. 

The uniqueness of the glasses is that if it is bent, they will revert to their original shape without causing any damage to the original frames. The glasses eliminate the negative reactions on the side of our head and nose as they are hypoallergenic. They are mainly available in grey or silver metals, but there are varieties of colour options to experiment.

Children tend to break their frames easily, and they need to have more. But with the titanium glasses, this is an advantage for the parents to buy their children these glasses for an unbreakable and long duration of frames.

Hence the advantages of titanium glasses are clear, and one can now buy these glasses for all their works.

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