May 30, 2024
commercial buildings

Innovative technologies influenced automatic door system plays a great role in making our life go easier. At present, the majority of corporates, hospitals, and security services are making use of artificial intelligence systems to ensure the safety and security of the building. Automatic door systems with enhanced security options have already gone famous all over the world. Authorized people of the organization can make use of security cards to open the door lock system here. An automatic door system can be availed with a versatile mode of sensor mechanism system from the store. Let’s see here various types of automatic door systems can be chosen for commercial buildings.

Automatic door system with motion sensor

An automatic door system that makes use of a motion sensor system is one of the common types of mechanisms that can be availed all over the world. A typical automatic door system with a motion sensor mechanism generally makes use of a sensor unit to monitor the moving object on the nearby side. The motion of the object is tracked by the sensor unit at the right time so that it can send the signal to the door lock and open mechanism. After the recognition of the signal from the sensor unit, the door automatically opens the way for the person. The placement of the best sensor unit for the automatic door system assures long-lasting performance. Hence make sure that you choose the automatic door lock system of a trustworthy manufacturing company so that it ensures high durability.

Automatic door system with pressure sensor

The pressure mode sensor is another main type of sensor option that can be included in an automatic door system. This door lock and open system generally check the pressure or the weight of the object so as to open the door as per the required status. The sensor material is provided in the mat or the plastic-type carpet material to analyze the weight of the object. The total weight analyzed by the pressure mode sensor is provided as the signal to the door lock open mechanism. Hence a typical pressure mode automatic door system functions as per the provided weight analyzed by the sensors. The main drawback of a pressure mode sensor is that the mechanism opens even when a heavy-weight object is placed on the sensor mat.

Automatic door system with card sensor

An automatic door system that functions as per the recognition from the authorized card option is another common type of door system that can be installed for the building. Generally, this type of automatic door system is provided for commercial buildings that need enhanced security options. It generally functions by reading the QR code or the bar code provided on the authorized identity card. The majority of multinational corporate companies, hospitals, and security services make use of authorized card systems allowing automatic door systems to ensure the safety and security of the place. A person can make use of his or her authorized card without his presence to log in to the app and open the automatic door system here.

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