May 25, 2024
Vastu consultant in Kolkata

A common vastu tip that many Vastu consultants in Kolkata offers is using vastu sea salt. Before understanding what benefits it give, we must make it crystal clear that it is not common slat we use for cooking.    

They are both salt in nature, but they are very different in their features and usages. For once the vastu sea salt does not contain any iodine, which is filled in cooking salt. 

The vastu salt on the other hand is enriched with sea minerals, aromatic scents and energy. Let us learn about the vastu salt’s features that makes it so popular among Vastu consultant in Kolkata.  

Like common salt completes our daily meals, the vastu sea salt completes the overall essence of any property out there. This is why it has so much immense importance in vastu shastra. 

The expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata energizes the vastu salt themselves and offers it to the people for daily vastu cleansing. 

The vastu sea salt acts like a cleansing device. Like a water-filter absorbs all the dirt in water and makes it safe. The vastu sea salt soaks up all the negative energy from its surrounding and passes good, positive vibes. 

When some form of vastu defect is present in your home, due to non vastu compliant floor plan or furnishing, it triggers negative energy. Reduce its ill-effects by using the vastu sea salt. 

When you get vastu sea salt from leading Vastu consultant in Kolkata, you get a ready-to-use product. You just need to unpack it and use it. Many people wonder how this is to be done.

In what ways vastu sea salt can be used?

It turns out that there are multiple ways in which vastu sea salt can be used, says Vastu consultant in Kolkata. Let us take a look at some of the most common ways of doing so. 

  1. Take a cloth pouch and put some vastu sea salt in it. Now place this around a sick person in the house. Often illness makes people edgy and gloomy. The salt will help them feel more positive. 
  2. Mix handful of vastu salt in a water filled bucket. Use a mop to clean the floor like you normally would do. The salt in the water will neutralize the bad energy from the floor and will channel positive energy. 
  3. Wipe the floor to clean it from dirt and mess. Sprinkle some vastu salt over it and leave it for a couple of hours or even overnight, if you want. Then sweep the area and carefully collect all the vastu salt from the floor. Try not to touch or steep over the salt while doing so. Discard the salt outside the vastu. 
  4. Take a glass bowl and fill it up with handful of vastu sea salt. Keep it inside the kitchen or toilet and it will start absorbing bad energies from around. You need to must change the salt once a week.
  5. Take a cotton hanky or pouch and put some vastu sea salt in it. Now keep this pouch in the car’s dashboard or tie it over bike’s handle. It will generate positive energy. 
  6. Keep some vastu salt in a cloth pouch or hanky and keep in your bag or purse while going out for office or other work.
  7. Keep some vastu sea salt in a cloth pouch or hanky. Now place it somewhere near the main gate of home, office or shop. The vastu sea salt will protect you from evil eye of the outsiders. 


Why it is so crucial to change the vastu sea salt routinely? 

The sea salt loses it property of cleansing after a time and thus, you need to replace it. After every 7-10 days you must discard the salt and refill it with fresh batch of salt. 

This happens because filtering is a continuous process. After soaking up the negative energy, it becomes lifeless and needs substitution. 

How do I know if I need vastu sea salt too?

Vastu consultant in Kolkata says that vastu sea salt is useful for everyone and every vastu since it has so side effects. Even if your vastu has no defect you should still use them to get its positive features.

However, using vastu sea salt becomes critical, if any of the following issues persists in your vastu,

  1. Having toilet or kitchen in wrong zone, 
  2. Persistent illness in family,
  3. Receiving bad effects of buri nazar;
  4. Chronic depression 
  5. Too many sick day leave, 
  6. Non-stop family or office conflict,
  7. Experiencing negative aura all around,

If you are interested in getting high quality vastu sea salt from Vastu consultant in Kolkata, all you need to do is order it from leading vastuvid. For more information contact Vaastu Mangaal. 

Description- Vastu consultant in Kolkata offers Vastu sea salt, a special vastu item that can absorb negative energy and boost positive vibes.

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