February 28, 2024

It’s been a while since the pandemic hit us, and the story seems to be never-ending! While everything came to a halt, in the beginning, life must go on! So, slowly and cautiously, everyone is going back to their work life and resuming their social life. In this chaos, traveling seems to be an intimidating task. As much as you’d like to get work done, attend meetings, and meet your loved ones, how should one do it safely? Don’t stress! Here are five ways you can travel safely, by road and by air, even during the pandemic!

Traveling Safely During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The ultimate way to travel in a pandemic is to be prepared. If you already have a good internet connection then do some research. If not, you can consider different Spectrum internet speeds and prices with packages or other deals from various ISPs. Now that you have your laptop running and your internet connection stable, let’s see the aspects you’re going to research on. 

#1. Choose the Weekdays and the Off-Peak Timings 

Look for the off-peak timings and choose weekdays for traveling. Why? Well, because everyone likes to travel on the weekend. It’s millennial nature to leave for a holiday or vacation on a Friday when they have the next few days off. Similarly, more people like to travel during the night since it’s more peaceful. Naturally, the best thing to do during a pandemic is to avoid these timings and days. Get your tickets for a Tuesday or Wednesday. Similarly, if it’s a road trip, try getting on the road during the day, preferably peak afternoon. 

#2. Take Your Edibles and Usable Along 

What have we learned about the Coronavirus so far? It travels from person to person. Thus, it would be best if you don’t touch or eat other people’s edibles. As gross as it sounds, their saliva might still be on it, and that’s the fastest way to get infected from a carrier. Unless it’s packaged stuff that hasn’t been meddled with like a wrapped-up gum, try to avoid sharing food and drinks at all costs. 

Similarly, take your clothes, tissues, hygiene products, and other travel essentials with you and avoid sharing them with anyone. The most efficient trick to ensure that you don’t forget anything is to make a list. You could use a pen or paper or do it online. This way, both you and your travel partner can have the inventory on-hand (or in your pockets!)

#3. Plan Where You’re Going to Stay

Another essential part of your pre-travel research is to search for hotels. Preferably, look for hotels that are conscious about the SOPs. Look around for information on their website and social media platforms. Are they taking active measures to stay safe and hygienic? How crowded are they? If the hotel or resort is in-demand, it would be best to avoid it. There might be a lot of people there when you go and, also, before you arrive. No matter how fast the hotel staff removes items, replaces them, and sanitizes the room, you can never blame them if the guests interchange too quickly. 

Thus, choose a low-key place to stay that isn’t very popular at the moment. The room you go into shouldn’t be occupied for a few weeks before you get there. Even if infected guests were in the room, this measure ensures that the contamination has worn off by now. 

#4. Plan Your Outings 

Just like when you were planning your stays, also plan your outings and activities in areas that are not as crowded. All cities and states have certain popular tourist attractions. As much as you’d like to visit them it is best if you avoid it at all costs. Or, as mentioned earlier, choose the weekdays or off-peak timings to do so. 

#5. Keep the Corona Essentials in Your Handbag 

Whether you are traveling on a plane or by road, keep your Corona essentials close to you. These include your mask and hand sanitizer. Preferably, keep them in your handbag or hand-carry so that they’re always within your reach. And leave those heavy suitcases with an instant luggage storage facility in a transit spot like Luggage storage Penn Station when in a fast paced city like NYC as a safety measure.


Apart from these, Corona or no Corona, always keep your internet and phone connection stable while you are traveling. Hence, it is ideal if you save the contact information of your ISP on your device like I have the Spectrum phone number on my phone. That way you may call them in case of any troubles. Indeed, moving away from home can turn into a mess if you are not prepared, especially during this pandemic. Just remember, no amount of precautions are too many!  



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