July 13, 2024

Divorce is a tough time for the married couple and their family. If you feel the need to separate from your spouse and your financial condition is not that well, it can be overwhelming for you. However, with divorce comes various financial arrangements you and your spouse must go through. One such factor is “Alimony.” Alimony or spousal support is when one of the spouses has to pay the financially weak spouse extra financial support to be self-sufficient after marriage. Contact a high asset divorce lawyer for more information on alimony.


How can you deny the alimony demand of your spouse?


Prenuptial agreement: This is one of the best ways to avoid paying alimony in the first place. Many couples go for a prenuptial agreement before they marry. The agreement discloses each individual’s income and assets. It mentions the marital property that belongs to either one of them. An attorney helps prepare this agreement. Such an agreement will help avoid ugly legal battles in the case of a divorce in the future. 


Postnuptial agreement: A postnuptial agreement and a prenuptial agreement are the same. The only exception is that this agreement is created after marriage. It is also a great way to escape a messy divorce and financial battle. 


Vocational evaluation from a judge: After divorce, the spouse who needs support might prefer to become a stay-at-home parent, even though it is unnecessary and adds to the financial problem. Your spouse is educated and has the necessary skills to get a job and provide for themselves, but they choose not to. In such a case, inquire the judge for a vocational evaluation. It will determine what your spouse can earn by taking up a job. It will eliminate your need to pay alimony.  




Prove that your ex-spouse doesn’t require alimony: In some divorce cases, spouses seek alimony even after they have strong financial backing. It is mostly to seek vindication. If your ex-spouse comes from a wealthy family with trust funds and stock portfolios in their name, they do not require your alimony money to maintain their standard of living. You can prove this by hiring a forensic accountant and providing the evidence in court. 


Alimony is a financial hardship for the spouse who has to pay it. You can avoid paying alimony completely or partially. To guide you through the same, hire an expert divorce attorney to find ways to save you from paying alimony and get you mental peace and relaxation in such difficult times. 



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