April 22, 2024
Digital Assistants

With the development of Artificial Intelligence, companies such as Apple and Google have also created digital assistants which help the user with a plethora of tasks that they can carry out. However, for these digital assistants to work, you need an active internet connection, for that matter, we would suggest looking into one of the best with Xfinity WiFi which gives you an amazing internet service at a fairly affordable price.

Below, are some of the things that a digital assistant can do for you.

Play your favorite music for you

All you need to do is to prompt the digital assistant and then say whatever command you want the digital assistant to carry out. This goes both ways for iOS and Android. Regardless of whether you are using an Apple device or a Google device, you can use your digital assistant to play your favorite music on your favorite streaming apps. These apps include SoundCloud and the globally popular Spotify. If you are using an iPhone, simply say “Hey Siri!” which will activate Siri and then ask it to “play The Less I Know The Better by Tame Impala on Spotify” and in seconds, Siri will play that song for you. The same is the case with Google Assistant, rather than just saying “Hey Siri” you have to say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”. Then proceed with the same process. You can even ask your assistants to open the app for you.

Make a call to someone without accessing your log

You can even make calls to people without having to touch your phone at all. Simply prompt the assistant with your voice as you would, as mentioned earlier. Then just ask your assistant to call whatever contact you want to call. The incorporated artificial intelligence will go through your contacts and call whoever you wish to call. This feature helps a lot if you are in a hurry and want to call someone without looking for their name through your contact list. Just tell your phone and your phone will make the call for you. A couple of years ago when iOS and Android did not exist, achieving this was impossible but now thanks to AI, it is achievable.

Set an alarm for yourself

Let’s just say that it’s late at night and you forgot to put on an alarm, but you suddenly remembered that you had to set one. At that time, no one would want to turn on their phone and stare into the light only to set an alarm. In that case what you could do is, you could turn on your digital assistant, and with a voice command, you could ask it to set an alarm for you. The digital assistant will set the alarm for you and you will have nothing to worry about. That way you could also avoid the strain on your eyes due to looking at a screen in very low lighting conditions. It could save you from the headache and from the hassle of turning on your phone and setting an alarm.

Tell it to tell you a joke

Not even kidding, you can ask your digital assistant to tell you a joke if you are bored. So you are stuck in a place where you have nothing to do and want to be entertained. What could you possibly do? You can prompt your assistant and you can ask him to tell you a joke. You can listen to all the jokes you want and this is one of the most entertaining perks of having a digital assistant. There are a lot more entertaining things that you can do with your digital assistant.

Get help with your navigation

While you are driving, it is very risky to whip out your phone and start looking for directions manually. In that case what you should do is, you should ask your assistant to open maps and lead you to your destination. You just have to tell your assistant about the place you want to get to and it will automatically open maps and lead you to your destination. It will open navigation so it can loudly speak out the directions to you as well.

Ask your Assistant to suggest a movie to you

The possibilities are not limited, you can even ask your assistant to suggest movies to watch. You can ask your assistant to tell you about good movies and it will give you an entire list to pick from after searching on the internet. After looking at the recommendations, you can choose whatever movie you feel like watching and see if it is on streaming platforms such as Netflix. If it is, you can then enjoy your favorite movies based on suggestions from your assistant.

Wrapping Up

The idea of having an assistant on your phone makes things a lot easier. It can help you organize the clutter in your life and can help you get most of your tasks done. Since you have the benefit of having a digital assistant on your phone, be sure to make the best out of it!

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