April 13, 2024

Verhaeghe Law Office

Offering Personalized Legal Services for Clients Across Alberta

Verhaeghe Law Office is a full-administration law office with workplaces in Edmonton, Athabasca, and Whitecourt making it simple for our clients to get to us. Our law office was established during the 1940s and has been giving legitimate counsel to Albertans from that point forward. A freedomlaw.ca office – we invest heavily in offering custom legitimate answers for our client’s lawful requirements and invest heavily in dealing with our clients like relatives rather than document numbers. Edmonton attorneys are energetic about regulation and whether you want individual lawful advice, court portrayal, or out-of-court portrayal (through dealings, elective debate goal, or discretion) – we’re here to help. Our legal counselors have gained notoriety for being responsive, available, and keeping clients educated all through the length regarding their cases.


Whether you’re searching for an Edmonton family and separation attorney, wills and bequests legal counselor, work and business legal counselor, criminal legal counselor, land legal advisor, development regulation legal counselor, migration legal advisor, common prosecution legal counselor, or personal injury legal counselor – we can help.


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Corporate Lawyer in Edmonton

Verhaeghe Law Office makes understanding, adjusting to, and expecting a complex corporate regulation simple. Our methodology includes weighty measures of exploration, arrangement, and the profundity of involvement to speed up the cycle, creating advantageous outcomes. We won’t hesitate to focus on and jump in to find potential open doors in guidelines that convert into expanded benefits for you. Individuals from our company’s corporate regulation group stay at the forefront of movements in administrative guidelines and authorization. We track and foresee changes in investor requests and substance necessities across a wide expansiveness of ventures, here in Edmonton, and all over the planet.


Organization Law Protections

The variety of our training gatherings and the size of our firm permit us to utilize exceptionally specialized people with long stretches of involvement working in the areas you rule. We give a full set-up of securities and an extensive variety of region inclusion from our committed organization regulation consultants. We offer driving edge direction and portrayal in the accompanying regions and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!




Contract survey

Corporate development

Functional technique

Suit claims

Corporate protections




Business Litigation Strategists

We know that on multiple occasions, holding things back from raising to court for a goal is critical to smooth activities. Our top arbitrators work to resolve questions rapidly, produce quality agreements, explore corporate plans, and help your association through consolidations, acquisitions, and tax collection. Our portrayal implies knowing what’s in store and being time, for any legal pr ahead of timeocedures. We sift through the fine print with a carefully prepared eye for buried subtleties to give you each of the choices you want to make natural, groundbreaking choices.


Obligations of a Corporate Lawyer

Our essential center is empowering you to finish the entirety of the exchanges and dealings you wish to achieve, as per the latest regulations and guidelines that anyone could hope to find. Our longstanding accomplishment as dependable corporate regulation accomplices makes us a resource for associations in each industry. We get to know the itemized part of the idea of your work starting from the earliest stage, so we can give noteworthy choices to development and accomplishment while safeguarding the worth and life span of your business.


A Contract Lawyer Will Save You Time and Money

On the off chance that you are another undertaking to Edmonton, you might have considered skipping legal counselors’ expenses and taking on a DIY contract drafting process all alone. While this might work, for the time being, you will not have an expert who knows all about the points of interest of your case should lawful issues emerge. It’s in every case better to look for a certified proficient to assist you with staying away from issues right from the beginning than to bring another person in when the conduits are open. We’ll draft, audit, and tie documentation, work with agreements, and help with moderating and settling any debates.


Demand more data on our thorough corporate regulation administrations for businesses of all sizes with tasks in Edmonton and then some. Set up a conference with our top personalities, and investigate the distinction working with state-of-the-art specialists makes to the development and long haul thriving.


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