May 23, 2024
friday night funkin unblocked games 911

Let me get straight to the point and be honest with you. By now, if you’re a PC gamer with your finger on the pulse of hot indie games, you know friday night funkin unblocked game 911. You’ve either played the game and loved its various fan-made mods to death, or you’ve heard of FNF and just wonder what all the fuss is about. And why would this article interest you?

A while back I wrote another article about how Friday Night Funkin is the next iteration of DDR. A new take on the PC rhythm game lerner and rowe net worth genre that was starting to stall. With the retro nostalgia of New Grounds as the backbone of its art direction, the game was destined for success. It was only a matter of time before 4 button rhythm games reached this new level. Let’s take a moment of silence to thank the Funkin’ Crew who made this amazing game.


A Fearless Hero Stands In The Field. What Rhymes Will He Spit?

But this is where the story takes a spectacular turn. Friday Night Funkin wasn’t an indie “flash in the pan” game with a dwindling fan base. Instead, the sport thrives and flourishes to this day. The latest game update for “Week 7” removed New Grounds due to heavy traffic. There are dozens and dozens of fan-made mods for the game, complete with their own OCs and some awesome new music genres. There are countless animations based on the game, further featuring the main characters referred to simply as “Boyfriend” and “Girlfriend” (and yes, sometimes Paco). Let’s play with the biggest YouTubers and Twitch streamers!

And now we have reached the top. Friday Night is a Kickstarter for the “Full Ass” game release from Funkin. And with just a few days left, he reached nearly $2 million dollars.


Expect. What!?

How did this happen? All in all, a fantastic result for a game born from GameGams “Ludum Dare” (see: The Genius of GameGams). Passion projects rarely get the kind of love and attention they deserve. How did Friday Night Funkin survive and become a popular hit game?

The reasons why friday night funkin unblocked game 911 was so successful and blew its 30x target may be surprising, but they closely follow the fundamentals of successful indie games.


Open Source And Ready To Mix

As we all know, the video game music, animation and modding community came to this game like no other. The number of high-quality mods for Friday Night Funkin is a testament to how powerful your fandom can be. But let’s not discredit the foresight of Ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, KawaiSprite, and EvilSk8r (hereafter known as the Funkin’ Crew). They could easily make the game code private and release a version to the public without any commitment to open source. But the smart call to embrace modding and open source nature made the game so accessible.

Oh, and of course making the game 100% free to play and playable in the browser. It’s almost as if Funkin’ Crew came from the Flash era of web games a la Newgrounds. No, yes, this is satire. New Grounds makes web gaming accessible to the public for free and without greedy tactics. This focus on bringing the game to the players seamlessly helped the game to be adopted like crazy.


All About The Heart

It’s one thing to make the game highly accessible and easy to mod. But making a game with the heart of a generation is something else entirely. The art is a beautifully crafted flash animation, reminiscent of Gaia Online’s Chibus, Tangin Topa Goren Lagan and Paparapa Di Rapa. The music lives up to its name: FUNKY. Trap, drum and bass, groove, electronica, hip-hop eclecticism wrapped in really catchy tunes. Love it or hate it, sports have heart.

Kickstarter campaign. Their approach is incredibly simple: they want to provide a full release of their game because they want fans to get more content and experience their “dream game” where modding is as easy as in-game. Import art and music and share with friends. open market. They decided not to take any shortcuts by skipping the current game release and avoided “cashing in” on the hype. In short, they are standing people. I have no doubt that every penny committed to Friday Night Funkin will help create a game that will be remembered for years to come.

And of course, friday night funkin unblocked game 911 is the latest new take on DDR, Stepmania, Flash Flash Revolution, et al. Taking the game’s “dance” concept and turning it into an open mic freestyle competition is sheer genius – the new motif only introduces new new ways to explore the genre.

The creators of Friday Night Funkin’ Funkin love their game and they love their fans. To love Easy to feel, even

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