May 24, 2024

AEB’s software supports the processes of industrial, trading, and service companies in foreign trade and logistics. Its global platform enables companies to keep track of the status of any shipment round-the-clock, using a single source of truth. And it provides a simple, user-friendly online portal so that everyone involved in a shipment can see it at a glance.

AEB’s software supports the processes of trading, service, and industrial companies in foreign trade and logistics

AEB is a global provider of software for the management of processes in international trading and logistics. The company’s software solutions help trading, service and industrial companies streamline their supply chains and improve customs compliance. Its portfolio of software solutions spans inventory management, transport process management, export control, and customs screening. The solutions help companies reduce costs, increase agility and improve on-time performance.

AEB Logistics is a global organization that employs more than 500 professionals across 16 offices in Europe and the United States. It has a headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, as well as other offices in Great Britain, France, and Singapore.

AEB’s software supports all processes in international trade and logistics, including accounting and finance. It also enables businesses to manage their financials more efficiently and improve overall cash flow. The software includes general ledger and accounts payable and accounts receivable functionality, as well as multi-currency accounting. It also helps companies collect duties and protect against the import of illegal goods. Additionally, warehouse management software simplifies order processing, connects inventory and order fulfillment, manages stock, schedules labor, and analyzes reports.

It integrates supply chain management software with logistics management software

Integrated logistics management software is an excellent way to keep track of a business’s inventory and supply chain. It helps bridge the gap between supply and demand and improves business processes. For example, it can be used to improve forecasting and production planning, allowing businesses to minimize the chance of out-of-stock scenarios. It can also integrate financial aspects such as general ledger and accounts payables, which can simplify bookkeeping.

Supply chain management software allows companies to manage the entire supply chain, including demand planning, procurement, warehousing, and inventory. It also helps companies maintain good relationships with vendors, analyze problems, and recommend risk management strategies. Some of these software applications include Perfect Commerce, Oracle SCM, E2open, and SAP SCM.

Supply chain management software provides real-time visibility of inventory, which is crucial for successful operations. Large and mid-sized companies often face challenges when it comes to tracking inventory, which can hinder operations and sales. Fortunately, supply chain management software helps businesses streamline inventory tracking, providing real-time data and easy access to multiple systems.

It provides round-the-clock access to the status of a shipment

AEBLogistics enables you to monitor the status of a shipment round-the-clock with real-time GPS tracking, regular in-route notifications, and detailed status history. Each shipment is handled by an experienced driver trained in the delivery of life science products. If necessary, your shipment can be transported in temperature-controlled vehicles.

It offers an easy-to-use online portal

AEBLogistics provides an easy-to-use online portal for shipping, freight management, and customer support. The portal allows shippers and 3PLs to automate processes and improve delivery services. It also features a simple dashboard that displays vital information and allows customers to customize templates to ensure a steady flow of documents.

Customers want to know the exact location and status of their shipments, and a customer portal makes this possible. The logistics company can provide this information to customers 24/7. It also offers dedicated customer service to help them with any queries that may arise. Customers can also use the portal to book shipments and track their shipments.


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