June 15, 2024

Becoming a Leading SAFe certified professional for greater success in the career

As reported by the 14th state of the agile report there has been a clear rise in the number of people pursuing Leading SAFe certifications. There are numerous concrete reasons why there are so many people pursuing and opting for pursuing SAFe Agilist certification. It is due to the fact that SAFe Agilist certification not only helps you to imbibe a greater skill set but also helps you gain a salary hike and an edge over other people having a similar skill set in your industry. Leading SAFe certification is one of the finest ways to get more value for the skills you have.  Hence to increase the value of skills that you have learned over the period of time pursuing Leading SAFe certification can give you greater results.

  • Growth mindset

One of the most prominent reasons why one should pursue Leading SAFe training in order to have greater career success is the development of the mindset that this process of qualifying for SAFe Agilist certification brings to an individual. It is because of this process that it helps you to gain qualities like decision-making ability and problem-solving ability. SAFe Agilist certification helps you to imbibe these qualities and develop your mindset according to the industry standards and to the post that you might be willing to apply for. Further, this develops your mindset for working in a team environment and gives you a procedure to expand your organization’s horizon.

  • Setting up the growth path

Once you are qualified as a leading SAFe-certified individual a very clear success path is laid in front of you that is projecting upwards. This growth path not only brings your career in shape but also gives you a set of procedures to be followed in your career that will advance you as a more developed individual. Hence pursuing Leading SAFe certification can help you to set up a great career path with the set of procedures to be followed ahead.

  • Creation of a continuous delivery pipeline

SAFe Agilist certification and training not only help you to develop a greater personality but also imbibe in you the quality of hard work and create a systematic function.  The training and the course structure of self-certification help you to create a continuous delivery pipeline. From learning how to incorporate tools related to DevOps to learning another set of tools that can help you to create a continuous delivery pipeline.

  • Increase in the SAFe adoption at an organizational level

With the increase in the organizational adoption of the Agile framework, numerous job descriptions have adopted the policy of keeping Leading SAFe certification as one of the parameters for employers that are looking to pursue a career in their companies. This has constantly increased the adoption of SAFe at an organizational level helping the already certified SAFe individuals to increase their value and demand for their skills. Somebody who wishes to pursue SAFe Agilist certification from now also gets a chance to increase the demand for his skill by pursuing this certification.

  • Salary hike

One of the easiest metrics to measure the success of an individual in his or her career as laid by society is the salary number. If you wish to comply with this norm SAFe Agilist could still be the finest option available as it helps you to gain more for the same skill set that you have at a given period of time. With the adoption of SAFe certification and more subscriptions to the leading SAFe course, it is quite understood that there will be hiking the salaries of SAFe-certified individuals shortly. Hence anybody wishing to gain the advantage of this salary hike must pursue save as list certification.


Leading SAFe certification not only helps you to increase your skill set but also helps you to get paid more for this same skill set. As portrayed by one of these SAFe surveys we see that people having similar skill sets get paid quite less than the people having similar skill sets but who is SAFe certified. This salary hike that SAFe certification brings with it is one of the prominent reasons for the employees to pursue this certification. As this certification gains more popularity there would be more adoption at the organizational level and hence there would be further salary hikes for body SAFe-certified individuals. So if you wish to leverage this quality of SAFe certification you must not think of it but give it a try.

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