March 26, 2023

To purify the air from polluting particles, this type of filter uses 3 methods:

  • Interception: The filter has a series of fibres arranged in various patterns so that the particles have adhered.
  • Impact: Because the patterns have tightly knit fibres, larger particles collide with each other and become trapped in the filaments.  
  • Diffusion: Finally gas diffusion causes smaller particles to collide with each other and adhere to the filter filaments through the above two methods.

Thanks to these methods, large particles such as hair, dust, insect remains and pollen, and small particles such as mould, bacteria and different viruses can be trapped. Although air-cleaning devices offer great help in preventing diseases and offering extra cleanliness to poorly ventilated rooms, they do not represent complete protection against diseases such as Covid-19 and other types of coronavirus, so even if you use a purifier, You must maintain preventive measures.

What are the advantages of using air purifiers?

Buying a room air purifier to use at home has many advantages that will have a positive impact on the whole family. First of all, and as we have already mentioned on multiple occasions, these devices trap more than 99% of the polluting particles found in the air, so allergies and respiratory problems will be reduced when you start using them.

Taking into account that the air in the interior spaces of a home is more polluted than the air outside, having a purifier is essential to have quality air, especially if there are people with allergies, babies or the elderly at home. By improving the quality of the air in the places where we spend more hours during the day, the chances of suffering from some type of disease or respiratory problem decrease. In the short term, sore throats, dry coughs, sneezes and allergies to dust, pollen or pet hair will disappear.

In the long term, purifying the air has wide-ranging health benefits, such as preventing diseases like asthma, bacterial infections, and even lung cancer. Not to mention that living in a clean environment improves the appearance of skin and hair, and eliminates eye discomfort such as irritation and redness. Placing a device to clean the air in the bedrooms allows it to absorb bacteria and spores generated by humidity, so you can sleep better by preventing nasal congestion during sleep and providing the perfect environmental comfort to have a restful night without interruptions.

Air purifiers also have the ability to remove bad odours, making them ideal for use in the kitchen, or bathroom, or to remove pet odours. In turn, these can remove gases such as ozone and volatile organic compounds.

Using an office air purification device will also bring short- and long-term benefits, especially since office air can be even more polluted than home air. Fortunately, there are different models with special features that will be able to clean the air in larger spaces.

Improve your health and that of your family by using an air purifier

The Avera air purifier can be obtained at an affordable price, it has low power consumption (like a 40 W light bulb), it covers spaces of 30 m2, it is silent, programmable and easy to use. Thanks to its technology and design, it is a very practical device, perfect for placing in bedrooms or anywhere in your home.

Purifying and regenerating the air will create a much safer space for you, which is why we include this device in our catalogue, designed to offer you the most reasonable solutions for daily life. In these times, an air purifier with HEPA filter is essential in any home and office.

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