March 25, 2023

Design is made for people. However, you cannot understand a design, unless it understands the people. Product designing is the detailed process of conceiving, developing, and modifying products that address particular demands or user difficulties in the market. 

For product design companies in Bangalore, the primary focus is always on delivering a great user experience for their end user. A great product design ensures the highest customer satisfaction, is based on the current market analysis, and enhances the lives of the customers.

Over the years, fast-paced technological advancements have given rise to innumerable innovations. Product design companies in Bangalore like the Future Factory, emphasize combining digital and physical interactions to craft a unique product that stands out. 

Features of Product Design

To create good design, the product designers should anticipate the usage of end users and create a product which has the following characteristics :

  • Utility – This is the foundation for any good product design. Before making a purchase, the end user always introspects how the product will benefit his/her life. Unless the product ‘solves’ any of our problems, we do not have any motivation to buy the same. 

Many product designers and companies often invest a lot of time and effort into ideating a product which barely has any importance. Always remember, a good product design arises from exploring user needs, prioritizing the key functionalities, and going hand in hand with the market trends.

  • Reliability – Reliability fosters trust and increases user engagement. It is not enough for a product to function occasionally. It must deliver positive user experiences constantly. Users shouldn’t experience any unexpected crashes while using the product, because that will then make them wonder if they can trust your product design company in the long run. 
  • Usability – Usability talks about the ease with which the users can interact with the product. Product designers should know that their products should be easy to learn, and easy to use. Using conventional design principles, and prioritizing the customer information helps in curating a product that has good discoverability and learnability.
  • Pleasurability – In a highly competitive market, creating a product which has utility and usability is not enough. Providing a pleasurable experience is of utmost importance too. A ‘delight’ in using the product provides a sense of trust and belonging. However, one should know that delight is of two types – surface delight and deep delight.

Surface delight focuses on the aesthetic appeal of the product that makes the user feel good about interacting with the product. This helps differentiate the product from the competition and makes users believe that the product has high usability indeed. 

On the other hand, deep delight refers to a synergy of usability, reliability, and utility that happens only when the designers know what their end users are anticipating at each stage of using the product. 

Leading companies like the Future Factory ensure that their product designers put their theoretical study and practical knowledge into optimum use while coming up with any new  product or service. 


Product design companies in Bangalore continue to be important in improving the user experience and making sure new features and capabilities are provided in a smooth, discoverable, and disruptive way. Up until the end of a product’s lifespan, brand evolution and consistency are crucial aspects of product design.

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