March 26, 2023

Singapore inherits British-style education and pays more attention to the overall quality of students. There are many students applying to study in Singapore every year, but there are actually very few students who can meet the application requirements of the five public universities in Singapore. At this time, private universities in Singapore have become supplementary items for these students.

However, most students who are unfamiliar with Singapore’s private education system will have doubts about Singapore’s private universities: can they study in Singapore’s private universities? Can they get a job after studying?

The education level of private universities in Singapore is guaranteed

Singapore’s local private institutions are not as bad as everyone heard, and many are just the result of false rumors. In fact, Singapore’s private institutions play an important complementary role in the higher education system.

In 2010, the Singapore government continued to launch a new certification – Singapore Edu-Trust certification, which was a watershed in Singapore’s education industry, especially in the non-public education sector. Institutions that are not accredited will be completely disqualified from enrolling in the future.

Therefore, private universities under the supervision of this system usually have strict teaching management and teachers have professional qualifications.

Advantages of private universities

Cost: The cost of studying abroad in Singapore is reasonable and cost-effective

Compared with studying in Europe and the United States, studying in Singapore can be said to accept the same level of higher education at a lower cost, so it has become the first choice for many working-class families.

Duration: Relatively short

Many private universities in Singapore have a shorter academic system, and the 3-year course is allowed to be completed within two years to reduce the cost of studying abroad and enable early employment.

Employment: Strong professionalism, guaranteed employment

The original intention of many private universities in Singapore is to serve the economic development of Singapore, which endows private universities in Singapore with the characteristics of “job decision majors”. For example, tourism and hotel management, finance, and business administration, which are currently in demand in the world, are all their advantageous majors.

Private universities in Singapore not only have first-class teaching standards, but also have excellent learning and living environments that provide convenience for students to develop their talents.

Easy access to world-renowned universities from private universities

Singapore is the “golden springboard” for international students to study in Europe and the United States. According to the regulations of the Singapore government, private universities in Singapore must jointly run schools with universities in Europe and the United States in order to grant undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas.

Many local schools cooperate with foreign universities in running schools. After students choose these programs, they can obtain European and American university certification, and some programs even have the opportunity to study directly in European and American countries.

The curriculum systems, teaching methods, and even the teaching faculty of these schools are synchronized with those of European and American universities, thus ensuring the quality of teaching. Moreover, these diplomas have the same recognition as those of their alma mater in Europe and America, which greatly increases the gold content of the diplomas.

Recommended private schools in Singapore with the highest employment rate

James Cook University, Australia, Singapore campus (JCU Singapore)

James Cook University, Australia (Singapore Campus) is a direct campus of James Cook University, Australia, and ranks among the top 2% of the world’s top universities. Australia’s James Cook University established a campus in Singapore in 2003, which is an important milestone in the university’s internationalization.

JCU Singapore has the highest level of accreditation for non-public educational institutions in Singapore. It is also the first institution in Singapore to obtain EduTrust Star certification.

James Cook University (Singapore Campus) is the first non-government school in Singapore to receive AACSB’s business accreditation. Fewer than 6% of business schools in the world currently hold the prestigious AACSB business accreditation, and only a handful of universities and business schools in Singapore have received this honor.

The Singapore campus of James Cook University, Australia currently offers more than 170 undergraduate and 120 postgraduate courses ranging from master’s to doctoral degrees.

Kaplan Institute of Higher Education, Singapore (Kaplan Singapore)

Kaplan is a global leader in lifelong education, with more than 80 colleges and 1 million students in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

It is affiliated to the United States Kaplan Education Group under the Washington Post, one of the top 500 listed companies in the United States.

Kaplan Education Group of the United States is a world-renowned multinational education group with an annual turnover of 2.6 billion US dollars, 70 colleges and 1 million students. The Bachelor’s and Master’s degree diplomas offered by this institute are recognized by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore, and graduates are eligible to apply for a one-year Employment Pass Visa (EPEC) from the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore.

In various research reports on private universities in Singapore, Kaplan ranks among the best, and it is also the most trusted and popular private education college for Singapore students and international students.

Singapore PSB Academy

The Singapore PSB Academy is affiliated to the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore. It is the Singapore Institute of Higher Education and a higher education institution 100% owned by the Singapore government.

PSB Academy is one of the largest colleges in Singapore with over three decades of experience in providing higher education.

It is a multi-functional, multi-disciplinary college approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education and accredited by the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, with more than 40 years of extensive experience in providing educational and corporate consulting services.

Formerly known as the Productivity and Standards Board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Singapore Government, which was founded in 1964, the PSB Academy was established to promote human education in Singapore and meet the needs of industrial and commercial development for human resources.

PSB Academy has cultivated more than 500,000 students, and 1 out of every 8 Singaporeans has received education and on-the-job training from PSB Academy.

As one of the largest independent education colleges in Singapore, PSB Academy has established international partnerships with top universities in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia to ensure that every student who steps in the door of PSB College can enjoy world-class quality higher education.

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