February 4, 2023

It can be very frustrating to have a blocked shower drain. With caution and knowledge of the objects that can clog a shower drain, you can avoid such problems in the future. Blockage difficulties can be serious and need professional assistance, but most problems can be handled quickly using simple tools and techniques. 

You must know the root cause to apply an appropriate solution. Although DIY seems convenient, asking for professional help from plumbers in Sacramento can save you the hassle. Having little knowledge can worsen the situation, such as expensive repairs further.

  1. Here are the possible reasons why the shower is clogged.
    1. 1. Trash

The most common cause of clogs is something you can unintentionally drop in the shower, like a wrapper, toy, or even a little cap. Such items slide too far and become wedged in the pipes’ tiny crevices. Even mineral soaps might contribute to this problem because they obstruct the water flow. A shower drain is not a trash can. Treating it wisely is the only way to prevent blockage.

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  1. 2. Hard Water

Hard water contains mineral content that accumulates in the drain over time. Calcium and iron are among the minerals in hard water that can erode water pipes. Although humans can safely consume minerals, they can cling to the drain’s sides and cause problems. Clogging might happen if these minerals accumulate over time. Contacting a plumbing company in Sacramento can help you save the hassle.

  1. 3. Chemical Agents

Our bathrooms are stuffed with chemicals, such as shampoos, soaps, conditioners, hair conditioners, bathroom cleansers, and disinfectants. There is no doubt that these chemicals have the potential to clog a drain which can be detrimental. They build up in the sewage system and clog the drains like any other agent. Contact an expert for the best plumbing in Sacramento, CA.

  1. 4. Hair Build-up

Hair accumulation near the drain might obstruct the water flow via the shower drain. In addition to hindering the water flow through the drain, hair can act as a surface on which deposits like filth and soap scum can adhere. Additionally, water running through the pipes will not be able to remove hair that becomes clogged in the drain.

Installing a hair guard, which resembles a little grate and allows water to pass through but not hair, can prevent a clogged shower drain. Additionally, it will stop fallen objects from going down the drain. You can try some DIY solutions to unclog the drain. For example, flush the drain with an equal mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water to dissolve any debris stuck to the pipes and keep the drain from backing up with minerals and soap scum.

  1. Conclusion

Drain maintenance is underrated because we take it lightly. Poor maintenance is one of the biggest reasons behind your shower drain clogging. Although you can try DIY options, assured results are not guaranteed. You should figure out the root causes to apply the most suitable solution. So, calling professionals for drain cleaning in Sacramento is your best shot.

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