April 23, 2024

The Decanter centrifuge is a high-speed rotating device that produces separation force. The centrifuge is space-saving and can process large volumes. It is also equipped with a built-in pressure discharge system. There are two types of centrifuges: Floor-standing and Underbench. Both models have casters for easy handling. They feature maintenance-free induction drives, a large LCD, a CFC-free refrigeration system, and a variety of rotors and accessories.

It has a built-in pressure discharge system

A ZK centrifuge is designed for high-speed, continuous operation. It uses a centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids. The centrifuge has a built-in pressure discharge system, a patented filling system, and a long, conical screen at the wet end for increased throughput capacity.

High-performance B-type three-phase centrifuges achieve light liquid and heavy liquid phase separation. The heavy liquid phase is separated into kitchen water or ditch oil and can be discharged either by gravity or built-in pressure discharge. The built-in pressure discharge system includes a liquid layer fixed mode and an online pressure control system. Its integrated controller controls the servo valve to maintain the proper pressure.

zkcentrifuge.com are widely used in the palm oil sludge treatment process and the production of edible oils. They also have applications in the chemical and mining industries, food and beverage processing, and water treatment. ZK separation offers professional services and customized solutions to meet customers’ specific needs.

It has a large volume

The ZK 496 large-volume centrifuge has a wide range of applications and can process both blood bags and large volumes of samples. Available as a floor-standing model and an under-bench model, it has a powerful cooling system and a large capacity of up to 4×1000 ml. Its applications range from research and clinical applications to industrial and blood bank use. The large volume capacity is complemented by a large selection of rotors and accessories.

The ZK three-phase decanter centrifuge is ideal for palm oil sludge separation. Its high-efficiency design improves oil recovery by up to 10-20% and reduces wastewater and COD value. ZK separation centrifuges offer a wide range of dehydration and solid-liquid separation applications. Apart from palm oil and vegetable oil processing, ZK centrifuges are also widely used in chemical and mining industries, fermentation, and food processing.

It is space-saving

ZK Centrifuge is a high-speed centrifuge with a large volume. It is designed especially for processing waste oil from motors and cooking oil. It has excellent performance and is capable of recovering 80-90% of the oil from the raw material. Its rotor is available in high-speed fixed-angle and rotary types.

ZK SEPARATION is a professional manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment. Its centrifuges are used in different industries worldwide. Their high-efficiency centrifuges are proven to be highly effective in recovering palm oil. The company also offers comprehensive technical support. Its centrifuge is suitable for the food industry, which has stringent demands on product safety. Its interior and outside parts are made of food-grade material. In addition, it can achieve automatic processing throughout the whole process.

It has a long-term accumulation of experience

The ZK centrifuge is an ideal solution for several applications, including sewage treatment. The centrifuge features a compact covering of the area, high automation, high safety protection measures, and reliable operation. Among its features, the centrifuge has a high capacity and low noise level. It also has high material adaptability and a stable operation.

Apart from its high capacity and long-term accumulation experience, the ZK centrifuge can also be used for the treatment of palm oil sludge. The centrifuge is capable of increasing the extraction rate by 10-20% and reducing COD values. This centrifuge can produce a high centrifugal force of up to 3000G and ultra-long dehydration length. Its unique design also provides high-pressure discharge and gravity discharge modes. It also offers online adjustment of the liquid layer.

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