December 1, 2023

A clogged shower drain is inconvenient and nasty. When your shower or bathtub drain suffers a blockage, there is no need to panic because we have solutions. Every home has a clogged shower drain from hair, muck, and other debris that accumulate in the pipe over time. Cleaning out the ugly stuff lurking in your drain is an unpleasant activity, but to your pleasant surprise, you can it tries these easy DIY tips to unclog a shower and bathtub drain. You can contact a plumbing company in Oakland for the job if you cannot handle the mess. If you know how to clear a shower drain, most shower drain odor and blockage problems can be solved in no time. This should be followed by some preventative measures to avoid a future clogged shower drain.

Here Are the Ways to Clean a Shower Drain.

Drain Snake

If the shower drain is filled with soap and scum-coated hair, using a drain snake can unblock it. Take off the drain cap and insert the snake into the drain pipe. To remove the clog, keep turning the snake until it catches it. Pull the snake slowly from the drain after you no longer experience resistance. To ensure everything is clear, run the shower for a few minutes at maximum pressure.

Natural Drain Cleaner

Natural DIY cleansers may be equally efficient as chemical ones in removing minor blockages. You can make a homemade cleaner by combining one cup of baking soda with one cup of vinegar (distilled white vinegar works best). After loosening the obstruction with boiling water, add the baking soda-vinegar solution and wait 15 minutes. Use more hot water to rinse.

Coat Hanger

Another way to unclog a shower drain is to use a coat hanger. This method requires no experience and money as you can find coat hangers in your home. It works as an excellent chemical-free alternative to a drain cleaner for removing stubborn hair, or grease plugs is a hanger. However, you might need to roll your sleeves to dig deeper for effective cleaning. If the method does not work, you can consult an expert for drain cleaning in Oakland, CA.

Boiling Water

This can occasionally dissolve the soap or grease holding the clog together and remove the obstruction. It is convenient cleaning a clogged drain with boiling water. Boil water using the stove and pour it into the drain. The best option is to put the water into a funnel or container. You do not want to splash hot water on any expensive shower or bathtub accessories. Boiling water is an effective method of removing the blockage.


Soap scum and other elements sticking to the walls of drains lead to blockage. However, you can restore water flow using a few convenient techniques. Just keep in mind that proper maintenance of a drain can help you prevent clogs. Avoid pouring oil or greasy substance down the shower drain as it will cause a massive blockage. Hair or other debris may not always be the source of a clog. It pertains to a broader problem. In this situation, you must contact a plumber to check your drain and clean it. If your drain continues to block despite regular maintenance, it is time to call a plumber.

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