March 29, 2023

Chartering a private jet is like renting a car. There are different models to choose from depending on your needs, how much money you want to spend, and what you plan on doing while aboard the plane.

We have curated a list of the most popular private aircraft as follows:

  1. The Cessna Citation X

In terms of speed, the Cessna Skyhawk is often considered one of the fastest business jets out there. This makes it one of the most common private jets to charter, especially since it boasts a maximum range of 3,500 nautical miles. Its top speed is around 700 mph, thanks to its twin Rolls Royce engines. And while the plane doesn’t come with many bells and whistles, it does boast extremely luxurious interiors.

Top speeds of approximately 700 mph make the Cessna Citation perfect for those who want to travel quickly without worrying about getting stuck in traffic. So, the Cessna is worth considering whether you are looking for a quick trip across town or a long journey to another continent.

  1. Embraer Phenom 100

The Embraer Phenom 300 is a larger version of the Phenom 100, smaller than most corporate jets. This one is used mostly for executive travel, although it does come with some features that make it ideal for families.

This aircraft is known for carrying up to eight people comfortably. There is also the second row of seating, which allows for even more passengers. In addition to the standard passenger seats, the plane also includes a bathroom area where you can relax while waiting for takeoff.

In terms of size, the cabin measures 12 feet long and 7.6 feet wide. The interior is spacious enough for just four people, but there is an option to add another seat.

  1. The Bombardier Learjet 35

This business jet, the LearJet 35, is one of many available to the public and is often used in the charter industry to transport people worldwide. With the capacity to hold up to 7 passengers and 2 crew members, it can travel long distances without refueling.

Its biggest downside, however, is cabin size. At just over 13 feet in length, it creates crowded quarters if filled, making it difficult to move about inside. Additionally, the height of the cabins is less than five feet, creating even more space limitations.

  1. Nextant 400XTi

The Nextant 400XTi allows you to travel in style without breaking the bank. This versatile aircraft is perfect for short trips around Europe, offering a spacious interior, a comfortable cabin, and great performance. With a maximum take-off weight of 3,600kg, it can carry up to 4 passengers.

This aircraft is very well-priced for flights in Europe, especially considering its high level of comfort and safety features.

  1. The Cessna Citation Mustang

While the Ford Mustang is often considered the quintessential American muscle car, the size of the aircraft it inspired isn’t exactly what you want for a family vacation. But the Cessna Citation Jet Mustang does fit into a lot of different budgets.

This twinjet is a four-place business jet, meaning there are two seats for pilots and two for passengers. It’s one of the smallest jets in production. At just over ten feet long, the Citation Mustang offers plenty of room inside for up to six people. And while it might look like a toy plane, it packs enough power to reach cruise speed – around 200 miles per hour – quickly.

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