March 29, 2023
Wooden Pins Badges

Wooden pins are gaining popularity with businesses, and they can bring many benefits to your business if you choose custom wooden pins badges as your promotional product of choice. These wooden badges can be used as giveaways at trade shows, as gifts to reward loyal customers, or even just as general business marketing. And because you can purchase customized wooden pins in bulk, you’ll save money on the cost per pin while still getting quality materials and customer service that rivals the best companies out there. Here’s how custom wooden pins badges can benefit your business.

What Are Wooden Pins Badges?

Wooden pins badges are a great way to promote your business and get your name out there. You can hand them out at trade shows or conferences, use them as a giveaway at an event, or include them with a product you are selling.

You can have up to three lines of text on the wooden badge. The text is laser engraved into the wood so it will not wear off over time. You can choose the color and shape of the wood for your wooden badges, giving you lots of options for customization. Plus, if you change your design in the future, all you need to do is order new badges with updated artwork – no need to reprint everything!

Wooden pins badges also make great gifts for employees or customers who deserve recognition for their hard work! There’s nothing like showing someone that they’re appreciated when they’ve helped you grow your company! With custom pins badges, it’s easier than ever to recognize the importance of customer service by thanking your employees. When ordering custom wooden pin badges, consider using phrases like Excellence Award or Best Customer Service. You might even be able to find some fun shapes like stars and moons to add some personality to the gift while still sticking with a traditional look.

Awards are important in any industry but especially in customer service oriented businesses. Showing appreciation for an employee who goes above and beyond could help boost morale throughout the company and encourage others to put in just as much effort.

Why Do You Need Them?

Wooden pins and badges are an excellent way to brand your business while also being a great way to get your name out there. We make all of our wooden pins by hand in the USA, and they are customizable with any design you can imagine. All of our wooden badges are professionally printed on high-quality materials, which is why they look so sharp and professional.

Wooden pins and badges can also be a great way to give away as gifts for special occasions or holidays, such as Christmas or New Years! This is another fantastic way to promote your business while making someone’s day, which will lead them back to you for more products in the future! You can customize these gifts even further, by adding the recipients name. For example, if it’s for their birthday or anniversary and you want to include their name on it then just let us know when placing your order. You could also put their initials in place of their full name if that would be preferred.

If this sounds like something that would interest you then don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Where Can You Use Them?

Wooden pins badges are a great way to show your company logo and to entice potential clients to visit you at your place of business. The design possibilities for these custom wooden pins badges are endless and the best part is, you can make one for any occasion! You can use these for trade shows, conventions, conferences, and so many more types of events. You can even give them out as a gift or hand them out during the holidays in order to promote yourself.

Wooden pins badges are also a great way to give the members of your team something that they will be proud of. You might have an employee who’s been with you from the very beginning or maybe they had just recently joined the company. Either way, it is important that your employees feel valued. A way that you could do this is by giving them these custom wooden pins badges as a thank-you. You’ll be able to see their faces light up when they open the box containing their new badge. And since each badge can be personalized, they’ll know how much time and effort was put into this gift that was just given to them. So not only are you showing them how much you appreciate all of their hard work, but now your staff member has a memorable token of appreciation to look back on whenever he/she needs some encouragement on the job.

Things To Consider When Buying Wooden Pins Badges

1) The material the pin is made from – Wood, metal and plastic pins are available. The type of material you choose will depend on your budget and the design. For example, a wooden pin badge might be best for a lower price point and to add a more natural feel to your logo or branding. Metal pins are more expensive but are also very sturdy and can last for years as long as they are cared for properly. Plastic pins can be less expensive but will not last as long in comparison to other materials.

2) The shape of the pin – There are many different shapes available when it comes to badges, such as circular, heart-shaped, square or triangular shapes. Which shape will suit your needs? For example, if you want to display information such as a phone number or website address, then using a round pin would work best. If you want the eye to focus on one part of the design, then choosing another shape may be better. 3) Size – What size do you need? Most badges come in three sizes: mini (1 inch), small (2 inches) and large (3 inches). You may need to order custom size pins if none of these are perfect for what you need.

The Advantages Of Using Wooden Pins Badges

Wooden pins badges are an excellent way to promote your business and brand. The best thing about them is that they’re affordable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank in order to create a product that will get your name out there. You can also customize them with different shapes and sizes so they match your company’s look and feel. This not only promotes consistency, but it also makes it easier for customers to find you as well.

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