March 30, 2023
House Painter
We know that changing the paint colour will increase our property's kerb value and enhance our moods, how about approaching house painters in Melbourne for an instant facelift of the house

Do you know changing the paint on your wall can uplift your mood? Science says that certain hues can make you energetic, positive and calm. Now we know that changing the paint colour will increase our property’s kerb value and enhance our moods, how about approaching house painters in Melbourne for an instant facelift of the house? 

However, the biggest concern while working with interior house painters is knowing if they are trustworthy because they will probably be working in your home around your family. Therefore choosing the best house painter in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs is a difficult task.

Nevertheless, we make it easier with this blog, where we detail the steps to reach for the best and most trustable exterior and interior house painter in Melbourne.


List Your Needs

Begin by deciding whether you want to paint the entire house or only the interior or exterior. You can also determine if only a part of the house requires a new coat. Listing your requirement helps to plan the budget because paints for interior and exterior are different in texture and quality, so they vary in price too. Jotting down your needs is especially helpful when you talk to the house painters in Melbourne to get their quotes.

Ask for Referrals

If someone from your friends or family has recently painted their house, you can ask them about their house painter. A detailed meeting with them can help you understand how they chose the particular house painter in Melbourne and whether they are happy with the services. Since they have first-hand experience with the contractor, they will be able to provide you with honest reviews and make the drill easier.

Conduct a Research

The internet has a lot of information regarding the best house painters in Melbourne, VIC or elsewhere. All you must do is search for ‘House painters in Melbourne“, and a long list will appear. Choosing a couple from this long list may not be easy, but scanning their website and peeping into their finished projects can help you. You can also visit their social media pages to see the latest works and determine if that’s the kind you wish for your house.

Verify the Permits

Painting a house does not just make it appealing; rather, it also strengthens the house.

Therefore, you must have a highly trained house painter in Melbourne to paint the house. Otherwise, you may end up spending your resources on disastrous work. To ensure that your house painter knows his job, verify that the company is registered and insured. The contractor can apply for registration only if they complete the required hours of training. Therefore, having a registration and insurance guarantees that you don’t have to bear the losses even if mishaps occur. 

Consider the Experience

Painting a house requires adequate planning, depending upon its size, structure, and climate.

Whether your home is small or large, the painters must have experience painting such houses. You can scroll through the finished projects on their website, or social media handles to see if they have worked in similar locations and evaluate the result to decide whether or not to move forward with them.

Get Multiple Bids

The first house painter in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs may be ticking all the right boxes, and you may feel like fixing the deal. However, wait to have a conversation with other painting contractors also. We highly recommend getting quotes from multiple contractors so that you can compare their services and get the best value for money. 

Enquire About the Materials & Process

There are different types of paints available in the market that serve different purposes and vary in price. You can ask your painting contractor about the paint they use and how it will benefit your home. You can also ask about the exterior paint and whether it is UV protected or not. 

Ensure that they use high-quality paints that don’t fade during harsh weather. Also, do not forget to ask how they plan to protect the house before starting and what precautionary measures they have for the staff. The best house painters in Melbourne, VIC,will have a plan before commencing; if they don’t, do not hesitate to move on to the other company.

Check for Reviews

Both online and offline reviews can be extremely helpful in figuring out the expertise and ethics of a particular house painting contractor. You can visit their Google Business page, social media handles or even YouTube channels to see what people have to say. If you find a fair share of positive reviews, carry forward with the company. Having video testimonials will give the company a few brownie points, as videos confirm that the company is truly the best at its job.

Ask for a Written Contract

After scanning and mapping of contractors, if you decide to collaborate with a particular house painter in Melbourne, ensure that you have a written contract before the work commences. The contract should have all the vital details, including name, address, cell number, estimate, and warranty details. Try to include the slightest information on the paper so there are no future issues. Have a detailed conversation with your contractor to figure out who is responsible for setup and cleaning after the project. Do not forget to include that too on the paper. 

If your house painting contractor is ready to put everything in writing, you can collaborate with them without stress. Otherwise, seek somebody who isn’t afraid to sign a contract before starting the work.

Partner With the Best House Painters in Melbourne

House painting is a tedious job because it consumes a lot of time, and so much work is involved. However, if you assign a well-experienced, trustworthy team, they will complete the work without you having to worry about anything. 

We recommend Blue Sky Coatings, who, with over 10 years of experience, have aced painting residential, commercial and industrial properties. We have a well-experienced team that continuously evolves to deliver the best painting experience to our clients.

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