March 29, 2023

WiFi is a part of our life. The entire world runs with the help of wireless networks. However, many times people face slow internet problems in their homes, but it is a very common issue. You can solve these problems by yourself.

 If you are facing any kind of network problems then we are going to discuss some important tips which will help you improve signals in your house

Locate Your Router in  Better Place

If you want to get a good network then firstly, your router should be in a better place in your home. Because if it is not in the right location your extender can’t get proper signals. For example, if you put your router in the cupboard or back side of your tv, your router is helpless to perform well. So put the router and extender in the right location where they get better signals and do work properly.

Position The Extenders Opposite Each Other

In your home, locate the extender and router far away from each other. If you put it hidden and close that can’t work properly. If you are using more than one extender, make sure these extenders also put the opposite.

You have to attentively put extenders at home. Not only put the router far away from your extender but also don’t put the extenders close. It may impact the efficiency of your router. Many times people use multiple extenders and face weak signal problems. So avoid using multiple extenders. Brostrend devices are the best devices available in the market.. That’s Why you don’t need to use many extenders at your home to get better signals. You can set the extender yourself with the help of brostrend setup instructions.

Use Different Name For Devices

If you are using more than two extenders at your home then give the different names of every system. You have to give different names not only for routers but also extenders. Because if you put the same name on your devices, it can create a mess and not get signals from each other. So it is very important to give a secret name to everyone. 

For example, if your extender no. 1 has a username is -my wifi and the password is my password and the second extender has also the same name then maybe an extender can confuse about accepting the command of the router. When you set your extender name then put it differently for everyone. ‘For Instance-extender no. 1 name can be wifi and the SSID name is my wifi upstairs. For another extender, you can put extender no.2 and save a different name for the extender and SSID.

 In the case of extenders try to give clear and logical names. So that people can connect their devices with the extender without facing any difficulty. It can be the major reason for slow internet connection at your premises. If you don’t have knowledge of how to set extenders at home and give the perfect name to each one then you follow brostrend  wifi extender setup steps and set the right names for your extenders. 

Set  The Channels Manually

 If you are using 2.4 GHz band extenders, or multiple extenders, you need to pay special attention to channels. 2.4GHz brand has only three overlapping channels 1, 6, and 11. Getting good performance from your router and extender then set the channels attentively. If you use one router and two extenders, make sure to set the channels very carefully.

In case you live in an apartment or your neighbor also uses an extender, it may be interference in your network. Because when they use it at the same time, network speed goes too slow and disturbs your work. For extenders using the 5Ghz band, it is best but if you still get a network problem then it may be your neighbor’s interference.


If your router locates in the right place with logic names and different passwords then you get a high-speed network easily. Even if you have more than two extenders you can set your extenders yourself to follow the setup steps from if you want to do work without disturbance in your house then read the article attentively and enjoy high-quality wifi signals at your place.

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