March 30, 2023

Most people don’t know the difference between the wifi extenders and mesh networks. People are confused when they set up the WiFi extender or mesh network at home or in the office. Don’t worry, we will have a solution regarding this problem for you.

What is WiFi Extender?

A wifi range extender is also known as the name of wifi repeater which is used to increase the reach of wireless LAN. The wifi extender device lies between the router or the access point. A client which is not close to receive the acceptable service or one that is another side of the barrier

There are the some thought about the WiFi range extenders

  • The wifi extender must be in the range of both the device of the client or the signal source.
  • If the signal is encrypted then it needs associated encryption keys.
  • The signal transmitted by the wifi extender should be the same as its source.
  • If the extender uses the same software or chipset then it will perform well.

The wifi range extender connects wirelessly to the router or its access points, they pick up the signal and retransmit it.

 Setup The WiFi Extender

  • Firstly You have to put the power plug of your extender in the power socket. If the power LED does not blink, then you can press the button power or ON/OF 
  • Connect your wifi device to the WiFi extender network. The extender WiFi default name is SSID. The extender network has no password and the default password is the password.
  • Open the web browser and enter the wavlink extender setup. Now you see on the screen a new extender setup then click on them and accept all the terms and conditions if you agree with them.
  • You can choose your extender admin credentials. These credentials are used to see the extender settings on the web browser.
  • Select and answer the two security questions which will help you to recover admin credentials, if you forget them. 
  • If the extender asks you if you like the extender’s genuine help then tap on the continue button.
  • For your 2.4 and 5GHz choose the radio buttons for your network. Tap on the next
  • The extender will apply your settings and it will take a few minutes. Now go to the wifi settings and connect the extender to the new network.

What Is Mesh Network?

A mesh network is the local type of network by which the nodes can connect directly, dynamically or as many other nodes. These networks are used to route the data between the clients and devices. It helps in organisation to provide consistent connection throughout the physical space. A mesh network, each node receiving the data from one node and forward the data to the next node. A mesh network increases the range of the wifi network in the home or in the office.

Setup Your Mesh WiFi Network

  • Suppose if you choose a Wavlink mesh network, go to on your phone.
  • Unplug your router and connect the main node by the use of ethernet cable. Connect your router again and power up your main node.
  • You have to login in the account of the mesh network or create it. If you don’t have an account in the mesh network.
  • Scan the QR code at the bottom of the node and input a serial number to create your account.
  • Enter the login details like user name, location in the main node. You can also add the nodes later and don’t worry if you overestimate or underestimate it.
  • Put your plug in the nodes one time. Each node has been added and you were asked which room of the house is located in them.
  • After you plan your nodes, go to each room or the outside area to check the speed of the internet.

Final Words

When you read this article, you must be able that what is the difference between in the wifi extender or mesh network and how to setup both of them in your home and office.

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