June 7, 2024
Desired Rain Gun

Irrigation is a big part of agriculture in the world today. There are several methods of irrigation farming in agriculture, one of which is sprinkler irrigation. There are different types of sprinklers in the sprinkler system, and one of them is the rain gun, which is discussed below.


Rain guns are micro- irrigation devices that provide artificial rain-like conditions and are sometimes referred to as overhead sprinklers. They work in such a way that the water is piped to one or several locations within the field and is distributed by several high-pressure guns. There are several features of rain guns, as discussed below.

Features of a Rain Gun

Irrigate large area of land

A rain gun has an operating pressure of 2.0 to 7.5kg/cm2 and a flow of 3 to 30 liters per second. Most rain guns have nozzle diameters that range from 10 to 30 millimeters and a wetting radius of about 27 to 60 meters. With these specifications, it is clear that you can use rain guns to irrigate one large area simultaneously.

Adjustable jet breaker

When considering the rain gun to purchase, check for the rain gun with an adjustable jet breaker. This feature allows you to adjust the droplets’ size and water impact. This adjustment facility accommodates the irrigation of small and delicate crops so they are not affected. It also provides for uniform irrigation of your crops.

Interchangeable nozzles

A suitable rain gun comes with the ability to interchange nozzles. This interchangeable nozzle feature provides the flexibility of irrigation to soils of different types and stages, crop types, and crop growth stages. This feature makes the rain gun suitable for all crops and soils instead of purchasing another rain gun with every stage of crop growth. 

Minor component necessities

Rain guns have minimal necessities to operate the rain gun irrigation system. The system’s components are lightweight and sturdy, with comparatively high quality. However, just like any other equipment, there are maintenance requirements even after long periods of use.

When acquiring the desired rain gun sprinkler, you should consider the features above to get the most out of what you pay. A rain gun sprinkler price in Kenya also vary depending on the types and sizes of the rain guns. Ensure the company offers the service of site assessment visits to determine the kind of rain gun suitable before installation.

Advantages of Rain Gun Sprinklers

You can use rain gun sprinklers on a small scale, such as the home backyard garden, and large scale, such as crop plantations. They promote water conservation as long as they are appropriately monitored and turned off at the required time or moved to another farm area. 

They are suitable for a wide variety of crops and soils. Some rain guns can irrigate up to three-quarters of an acre in one rotation.


If you are considering whether to get a rain gun sprinkler and if it will be affordable, now you know the way around, and with the points above, you can acquire the desired rain gun.

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