April 22, 2024
Shade Net Farming in Kenya

Many Kenyans practice farming for commercial and domestic purposes. However, to get better quality and quantity, farmers must take specific measures to produce a high-yield harvest. Netting allows farmers to influence the direction of the radiation, therefore, controlling the sunlight entry and wind from destroying the crops.

To get a good and better product from farming activities, farmers need to ensure that the measure they take during these activities is the best for producing high-quality products. They need to control and regulate how much radiation from the sunlight and wind speed reaches their crops to avoid damaging them.

Provide adequate protection

Protection of crop implantation is a significant benefit of netting. The nets offer protection against pests and diseases. Most crops get bad whenever they are affected by the pest, which makes them unsuitable for human use. 

The shade net installation helps prevent diseases such as blight citrus, canker, rice blast, and leaf spot. It also protects the plants from storm birds, hails, insects, livestock, pest, and crows.

Prevent drying up

Direct sunlight at times, especially when the weather is hot, is most likely to dehydrate the crops, making them dry. It affects the growth of the plant and sometimes can even make the plants die. Netting is the best way to ensure moisture is preserved.

Offers cooling

Netting provides cooling via transpiration and, at the same time, helps control humidity within the shade, hence making the atmosphere suitable inside the nets for the growth and development of the crops. 

The net also provides shade for the crops, which acts as a cooling Factor as there is no direct sunlight reaching them. The shade net Kenya also plays a vital role in protecting crops from ultraviolet rays.

Easy installation and cost-efficient

One can easily install the nets after you have purchased them. With the use of wires and iron ropes lying around your tool shed, one can easily install them. Therefore, it makes the installation less expensive and suitable for most farmers. Crops such as flowers are effortlessly natural because the ambiance is more suitable when the installation is done correctly.

Improved ventilation and air circulation

During the manufacturing of shade netting houses, small holes are designed to quickly allow air circulation in and out. There is also water permeable that can diffuse through quickly, improving circulation. Here’s a picture of a suitable shade net.

Easy to relocate and wash

Shade net can be easily moved from one place to another as long as adequately handled. The net also does not decay, which helps the farmers keep them clean by washing them after some time to allow easy ventilation inside the nets and to wash off different kinds of spray from the net.

In conclusion, the shade net has been of outstanding help to farmers, especially those practicing horticultural farming, because they need to control their crops from getting spoilt, leading to more significant losses. Farmers should use shade nets because they can guarantee that their crops and plantation will be protected from pests and diseases.

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