April 22, 2024
air conditioner

Are you looking for the best air conditioner at an affordable price? You are at the right place since this article has got you covered. During a hot summer, everyone wishes to go for the best air conditioner, which will cool and remove moisture from their rooms. 

An air conditioner is a device which operates electronically. Its role is to remove moisture from the air and cool it to a desirable temperature to obtain a comfortable environment. It comprises a compressor, a condenser coil, an air handler and blowing unit, an evaporator, and a thermostat that coordinates to perform its crucial role. 

Consider the following factors before buying an air conditioner;

· Capacity of the product 

The larger the room, the bigger the air conditioner is required. Ensure you choose a product that will work effectively. Also, consider the size and design of windows, the climate around that area and the state of walls, floors and ceilings; are they insulated? 

· Speed of cooling 

Look for an air conditioning system with an adjustable thermostat which enables you to set the temperature depending on the time of the day. A programmable thermostat reaches the set temperature faster than a non-programmable one. To add to that, products of low quality consume a lot of energy which is also slow. A good quality condenser and a thermostat increase the cooling machine’s efficiency.

· Noise produced

Some air conditioners produce irritating Noise which could interrupt you when you want to concentrate. You can ask the air-con provider to test the system so that you can see the amount of Noise it produces. An air conditioner which makes a lot of Noise when new has a high chance of paying a lot of Noise in future. 

· Prices and warranty 

The cost varies according to the size and specifications. In Kenya, different companies offer air conditioning systems at different prices. Select a product that favors your budget. However, look for something that will work effectively and has a longer lifespan. 

 Moreover, make certain that the air conditioner you plan on buying will not require you to dig too deeply into your pocket. Because not all air conditioners are priced the same, compare the prices of as many air conditioners as possible before making your final decision. Fortunately, the air conditioner prices in Kenya come in relatively affordable ranges.

Functions of an air conditioning machine

  1. It creates a comfortable environment to live in.

Aside from purifying the air, air conditioning also keeps insects like mosquitoes and ants at bay. Because many insects prefer warm temperatures and damp environments, they will be driven away when the air conditioning cools and dries the atmosphere.

2. Some are used to lower the temperature of other electronic gadgets. 

3. Other devices are used for heating and dehumidifying the air. 


To sum up, having extra knowledge concerning an air conditioner before purchasing it could save you significant loss. Always ensure you conduct thorough research on the product before buying it. Air conditioners have a long lifespan if maintained well. 

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