May 30, 2024
Air Conditioner

Many things must be considered when purchasing an air conditioner, the price being the primary factor because everything narrows down to the affordability of such equipment. This article highlights the various factors to consider when purchasing an air conditioner. 


An air conditioner is a system that controls the temperature in a specific space, like a house or a car. It removes hot air from one particular closed area to an outside area. It comes in handy during hot weather. 

Like any other item needed for human consumption or use, an air conditioner is supposed to be long-term equipment, but several factors must be considered when purchasing it. The following are some of the factors that one must feel for them to be able to buy the best air conditioner. 


It is the first factor that one should consider when buying any equipment. The air conditioner price in Kenya is influenced by the size, quality, brand, and type of machine. 

Purpose of the Air Conditioner 

Air conditioners are different and are fitted in different kinds of areas. The ones provided in cars are much smaller than the ones used in housing. This factor means it would be uneconomical to use more prominent and expensive Ac in a small housing. 

Quality of the air conditioner 

It’s always a good idea to settle for the best quality available. It is because machines of low rates would be expensive to maintain. After all, they keep on breaking down. However, one should note that the air conditioner price in Kenya will also influence the quality. 

Cooling speed

The difference in the air conditioner types means there are also performance levels. One should settle for equipment that does not take too long to cool down a room in times of high temperatures. Otherwise, the machine would not be serving its purpose. 

Installation and maintenance 

The cost of installing an air conditioner is relatively high. It is because one needs to budget the expenditures, and it is a financial problem to use money that was not intended for. Good quality equipment would also lower the level at which it is serviced. 

Air quality 

The best air conditioner must have a good unit for dehumidification. This will ensure a better cooling effect in a room than alone, which does not have such units. A good filter not only improves the air quality but also increases the efficiency of the Air Conditioner. 

Power consumption 

Electricity is one of the most expensive necessities of any home. This means that it would be costly to maintain a machine that consumes a lot of power. A good Ac should give the best cooling effect and consume as little power as possible. 

Diversity of the equipment 

Several scientific inventions have contributed to better ACs being produced. There are air conditioners that can also be room heaters during cold seasons. It means that the cost of buying another piece of equipment can be used for other purposes. 

Noise cancellation 

Considering that the air conditioning system is meant to bring comfort, the noise would be a significant downside. To avoid such inconveniences, one should ensure they have equipment that will not emit much noise. 

Auto-restart equipment 

This modification is beneficial and saves a lot of time. This AC can detect when the temperatures are high, and it automatically turns on. It’s an essential factor to consider because it does not necessarily need one to be always available. 


An air conditioner is a critical piece of equipment to own. Extensive research should be carried out to ensure you get the best deal possible. 

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