July 21, 2024

Mosaic Software is a project management software that enables users to handle their projects more efficiently. It assists in making the management of projects more efficient and simpler. Core BQE on the other side is a program that assists companies in managing their projects better, by giving them an effective platform for collaboration.

Mosaic Software:

– Aims to simplify the management of projects.

It assists users to make the management of projects more efficient and simpler

– Supports businesses in managing their projects more effectively by offering them the right platform to collaborate effectively

Core BQE:

– Aims to simplify the management of projects.

Aids businesses in making the management of projects more efficient and less time-consuming.

They can access an online

Mosaic Software

Mosaic software is an enterprise-level project management application that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It is a web-based platform that comes with features that increase productivity and boost profitability. It supports integration and is able to be synchronized with third-party financial and project management software such as Jira, Zapier, Slack, Deltek, Outlook, and Quickbooks. The program automatically gathers information on all participants and then updates the status of the project. Managers are able to review the progress and check out what is being worked on by everyone throughout the day.

Teams can produce accurate bills and forecast trends, monitor the capacity of resources, and develop strategies to divide the burden. Mosaic eliminates heavy spreadsheets and offers a fresh and efficient method to conduct business. The workflow visibility feature allows users to see their calendars, tasks, and other related activities. Managers can assign employees to specific actions and label priority items as well as due dates. It is simpler to write notes of the meeting and then share the minutes with other people.

Mosaic comes with features that help simplify the scheduling of projects and connects related tasks. Managers and users can keep track of the time of delivery and assess expected dates. It is simpler to track budgets and monitor costs through financial planning software. Team leaders can focus on profits and set their business objectives with the aid of multi-functional capabilities. Mosaic is ideally suited for teams that work in businesses that are growing at different sizes and types. People who require an extremely visual tool for task and resource management will be able to find a great alternative in Mosaic.

Mosaic Pricing

Mosaic offers three different packages for businesses, professionals, and companies. Pricing starts at an annual $9.99 per user. There are annual packages too. There isn’t a free version however, interested customers can avail of a free trial for 30 days to try the software for themselves.

Mosaic Project Management Pros

Their technical and customer support team is extremely helpful and helps solve issues quickly. They have all the details about the features and are up-to-date on the latest developments. The channels for communication on Mosaic can be used to stay in contact and interact with fellow members. Mosaic continues to enhance its products and add new features to assist companies to stay ahead of the curve.

Mosaic Project Management Cons

The task view is prone to some issues and items are often removed when they are marked as complete. The system is able to automatically update the weekly timesheets; however, they contain multiple entries, which must be removed manually.

Highlighted Features

Task Visibility

Team leaders, managers, and users gain insight into their work as well as the tasks of other members of their group. They can sort them according to priority and assigned person or dependencies. It gives a comprehensive overview of all pending and completed items to let users know how fast the project is progressing.

Planning Automation

Mosaic is equipped with Artificial Intelligence capabilities that help to improve internal processes. It learns from information and creates precise forecasts and predictions regarding deadlines and budgetary limitations. It can also assess the load and provide suggestions for how to increase efficiency among teams.

Data Visualization

The templates are built-in which can speed up reporting and provide more precise numbers. The graphs and tables are editable and can be altered to make them more appealing visually. The stakeholders can assess the progress at glance and analyze the risks that could arise from the management of projects.

Strategic Decision Making

Mosaic gives a snapshot of the project’s progress with a clear set of measurements and key performance indicators. The dashboard features a simple interface, allowing busy managers to have all relevant information at their fingertips instantly. The AI tool will assist in making decisions by providing suggestions or advice that are relevant to the success of the program.


BQE CORE simplifies and makes it more profitable to manage your business. It manages data, automates repetitive tasks, and lets your company concentrate on providing services to clients rather than handling internal process management.

BQE CORE is an integrated time and expense tracking system as well as a Project Management as well as Billing and Accounting solution that can be scalable to companies of any size. It was developed with the help of Architects, Engineers, and CPAs to address the unique requirements of professional service firms. It’s loaded with simple robust features created to assist firms to improve their cash flow by speeding up their billing processes, as well as drastically improving their project management as well as their ability to analyze the performance of their employees.

The certified partnerships with Intuit, MYOB, and other market leaders guarantee that Core efficiently removes, customizes, and provides specific output from accounting software that is third-party.

BQE Core Features

Project Accounting

The capability of your team members to control the analysis of profit and loss through projects will transform the project manager into a business leader. Controlling loss and profit on an individual basis will lead to an increase in profits and the satisfaction of customers.

Resource Management

The intelligent tool for resource allocation and the online Gantt chart gives you total control of your work and projects as well as staff workload. Employees are informed automatically that they have completed their work on time and within the allocated hours.

Automated Reporting

BQE Core project tracking software evaluates the progress of your team on a particular project and tracks progress with built-in reports. Digital reporting allows for faster updates and improved control without the hassle and chaos of paper-based reports sheets. Learn the benefits of the automated report.

Improves Efficiency

BQE CORE automates repetitive tasks and helps you keep your bill and accounting contact information, project details, documents, and more all in one place.

Speeds Up Cash Flow

With precisely tracked hours as well as flexible options for billing, CORE guarantees that none of the billable hours are left unnoticed.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

BQE Core Software is available on all major platforms, so you have the flexibility and freedom needed to manage a profitable business wherever you are across the globe.

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