June 16, 2024
Irrigation Water Pumps

These are water pumps that provide water to a piece of land. These pumps aid in keeping lawns healthy, irrigating crops on farms, and providing water to households. This article explains the various types of water pumps.


The heart of most irrigation systems is a pump. If you plan to make an irrigation system as efficient as possible, the pump must be selected to match the water source, water distribution system, and irrigation equipment requirements. Pumps used include centrifugal pumps, deep-well turbines, and propeller pumps. 

A centrifugal pump is any pump above the water surface and using a suction pipe. Moreover, the local geology determines the source of water: surface water or well water.

The most common irrigation water pumps are horizontal centrifugal pumps. They are less costly, require less maintenance, and are more accessible for inspection and maintenance than vertical centrifugal pumps.

Types of water pumps 

Across the country, people are now moving away from rainfall agriculture to irrigation. It is due to climate change, and the irrigation system helps the farmer to farm throughout the year. There are different types of irrigation water pumps for sale in Kenya, and they include:

High-pressure pumps

These types are water irrigation pumps with a head that exceeds 50 M. They push water at high elevations or from a deep source, such as an underground tank or a borehole. Head is a term commonly used with water pumps and refers to the height of a vertical water column. High pressure, high water volume, and high-pressure low water volume variations exist.

Low-pressure pumps 

These pumps have a head that is below 50M. There are low-pressure low water volume and low-pressure high water volume ones, which are less expensive and deliver water over transient elevations. High-pressure water pumps are more expensive. This water pump is okay on flat terrain, while a high-pressure pump is necessary for moderate to steep elevations.

Solar water pumps

 These pumps use energy from the sun, which is converted into an electric current. Their price in Kenya is determined by water flow rate, depth of installation/head, and horsepower (HP). 

The cost of this pump is typically higher than equivalent diesel pumps; they require water storage larger than equivalent diesel pumps and are at risk of theft of the panels, as they are a valuable commodity.

Electric water pumps

These water pumps use electric power and are powered by an electric motor. The pump works by pushing coolant inside the engine and absorbing the heat. This pump distributes water for sprinklers, rain hoses, and drip irrigation. 

The price of an electric water pump is determined by the amount of water the pump provides, the distance that the pump will push out water, the horsepower (HP), and the inlet and outlet size.


Different types of water pumps are priced differently. Petrol or diesel water pumps are the cheapest to buy. Still, they are the most expensive to run over time because they require high maintenance, unlike solar water pumps, which have the highest installation cost but the least operational cost.

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