June 9, 2024
Welding Machine

A welding machine is a flame-producing device that binds together two metal pieces through fusion. The price of welding machines in Kenya depends on the amperage, the model, and the location where you buy them.

This piece focuses on factors to assess before buying the welding machine.

Push for lower rates under the new government

Witha government powered by a rallying call to support and uplift the low-cader workers, who mainly rely on manual work to make a living, the demand for welders is set to rise. 

As the government calls them, the hustlers are mainly laborers such as the vegetable vendors, cart pushers, laundry ladies, jua kali artisans, matatu operators, masons, and iron smiths, who either work with, live in, or earn from metal. 

Metal that is welded together to form trade goods such as gates, work environments such as market stalls, or even living shelters 

All this highlights the importance of a welder and his welding machine’s role in the current economy. 

Aspects to consider before buying the machine

The type, market demand, and capacity are important factors that should be keenly assessed before buying the devices.

The electric beam and laser equipment are less portable, more precise in performance, and most preferred in the industry.

Metal type

The type of material to be welded is essential in selecting the correct welding machine specifications. The plate’s thickness and the welds’ length are both taken into account. The thicker the plate, the longer the welding process and, consequently, the more power required.

The price of a welding machine is determined by its characteristics

The company level

The Arc welding variety uses an electrode stick. It is mainly considered traditional and is standard for making gates and metal doors.

The Metal Inert Gas (MIG) – slowly taking over from the Arc design due to its cheaper cost.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) comes in a torch-like form and is currently replacing the MIG variety. 

And the Plasma welding machine is the most precise.


The frequency and necessity of a welding machine also make it readily available and cost-friendly. 


The heavy duty welding machine price in kenya for those with a lower working capacity and those that do not require technical know-how to operate also tends to be cheaper. 


Different welding machines exist depending on the kind of metals you want to fuse. Go for what is suitable for your mental strength. 

The volume of the operation

A welding machine designed for small-scale manufacturing or individual use differs from a machine designed for commercial use. A small and inexpensive machine can manage simple activities, whereas a more extensive and more costly machine is considered necessary for large-scale operations. 

This factor also necessitates additional expenditures for cost and repair. A large welding device for personal use is not cost-effective.

ConclusionWhile buying a welding machine, ensure you go for a complete package to get value for your money. Look for all the characteristics you need in the equipment before purchase.

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