March 30, 2023
Washroom tiles

The washroom is one of the crucial parts of the modern home, which is necessary to be airy and comfortable. Not only that, it’s a savvy place for your guests. So, be it relaxing or friendly, you should be a little choosy about washroom tiles.

If you’re already worried, shake it off. There are many washroom tiles design available on the internet. So, before surfing them all, let’s see what we’ve brought for you in this article.

Why choose tiles for your washroom?

Your washroom should look clean besides its actual tidiness. Installation of the right tiles correctly gives it a cleanness and aesthetic ambiance.

Moreover, it is randomly the most visited place in a house. Thus, cleaning it is undoubtedly an issue for the dweller. Tiles are the most convenient option for that. 

Again, tiles are more dirt and mold-resistant than other surfaces. They also withstand moisture quicker than other surfaces.

These are the prime benefits that have increased the number of tiles customers. But, you have to be careful about the selection.

What are the types of tiles for washrooms?

Here are some types of tiles that you can select for a flawless surface.

Porcelain Tiles

People may say that porcelain tile is overpriced. But, they can’t give a veto on design and durability. This stainless, highly water-resistant piece will take a little bit more money from your budget but will be proven a good deal.

Ceramic Tiles

Two primary reasons to choose ceramic tiles are cost-friendliness and easy maintenance. You’ll find the service of ceramic tiles premium if sealed properly. These are equally suitable for use both on the walls and floors.

Marble Tiles

These tiles will give both a modern and classic look to your washroom. Marble tiles bring a drastic but positive change in the surface which doesn’t fade with time.

Mosaic Tiles

One of the preferable options nowadays for washrooms is mosaic tiles. Each tiny piece forms together a captivating array that brings total uniqueness. It’s a gentle expression of one’s taste and personality.

Limestone Tiles

Limestone tile is distinguished for giving a comfortable and soft warmth and shades. Its natural, versatile, and attractive appearance keeps it among the all-time chosen tiles.

Slate Tiles

For high-traffic areas, slate tiles are an ideal option. The long-lasting and almost scratch-free nature may make you consider the cost. However, for a robust texture, no hesitation should come.

Vinyl Tiles

Low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and beauty are the specialty you can expect from this product. Its wooden or stone-look vibe will be your favorite.

Pebble Tiles

They are also called rock tiles and are the right choice for natural effects. A well-maintenance and regular cleaning can guarantee a long-term premium service from these coastal theme tiles.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles bring the most unusual but expected portrayal to your washroom if you’re not from the Mediterranean region but like the area. An excellent option to get a natural, warm and versatile state.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are available in diversified colors and shades. The most notable about these tiles are water resistance, low maintenance, and stainless features. It also keeps your washroom glowing and bright.

Select your tiles: How to choose washroom tiles?

This section is about how tiles in different sections can bring elegance to your washroom.

Tiles for floor

The first thought about tiles is definitely for the floors. It not only fulfills the basic necessity of the place as a surface but comes with functionalities. The foot surface of any place must add value to the environment with designs and colors.

The basic requirements from the floor tiles are scratch resistant, easy cleaning, heat, fire, chemical, and stain resistant. Thus, a washroom floor can be the best suitable for use.

Shower tiling

Shower tiling keeps the safety of your wall from water. The combination of floor tiles and shower tiles creates an overall improved look.

Tiling a wall

The beauty of your washroom shouldn’t be limited by using only floor and shower tiling. This section leaves another footstep of a person’s color concept and notion.

Bathtub and tiling

Installation of tiles around your bathtub does the same as shower tiles do. What you get at last is better integration.

Final Words

The benefits and importance of installing tiles in your washroom need no telling. But consider two things- What is the right option for you? And, where can you get what you want?

Hopefully, this article helps you choose the right tiles for your washroom.

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