February 27, 2024


When you give your business card to someone, especially to prospective clients, you are sharing the portfolio of the company. This business card builds authority for your company. It is likely possible to get calls or emails from clients because your nicely presented business card has done the job. Pretty impressive!

In this article, we are going to create a business card on iPad. Are you guys ready?

Let’s begin.

Table of Contents:

●       What You’ll Need

●       How Do I create a business card on my iPad?

●       Conclusion

What you’ll need:

  1. Pages software or you can use another word processing software.
  2. Cardstock stack
  3. Ruler tool
  4. Creative ideas for design

How do I create a business card on my iPad?

To get started, hope you have fulfilled the four requirements. In this tutorial, we are using cardstock, a white blank template for creating the business card. All of the steps above mentioned are easy to use, just follow the instructions carefully.

Step, 1️⃣ Choose a white blank template

–        Pay Attention while choosing the right size for a business card. keep in mind that in general, designers prefer to 3.5inch width and 2 inches height. You can use other software from your iOS store. However, in this blog post, we have used Pages to create our business cards. To begin, let’s open Pages. Go to the file section then hover it to a page set up and then select paper size and hit enter. You will set different options for sizes and then choose one.

Step, 2️⃣ Use a ruler and Draw the outlines

–        In step 2, first, go to the top section to select the ruler. It is an important step so make sure that you have enabled the vertical rulers, so it is easier to line up everything properly. The ruler does your job so don’t repeat it again and again. Now click add an icon of the blank page and head it to the vertical axis. Check the left ruler and drag the mouse a bit to the left and you will notice the blue line starting to appear. Drag the mouse to appoint the line from the ruler from top to bottom. Then click and drag it down. Keep in mind that one line is 0.76 inches long and the other one is 4.24. Inches.  Then add the three horizontal lines. One is 0.6, the second is 2.5 and the last one is 4.5 inches.

Step, 3️⃣ Add a text box Area

–        Now, it’s time to add a text in the text-selected area. A blue box shows the selection area. Don’t forget to add a gap of around one-fourth inch across the borders between the text box and the blue line area. This makes everything clean and orderly.

–        If you want to choose a simple font then we will recommend going with a minimalist font such as Georgia, Garamond, or Odile. You have the option to download the fonts you want to use.

–        Now add your information in the text area and format it in the structure you wish. You can also add an image if you want to. It depends on the creative imagination.

–        Once you fill in the text selected area just copy and paste the text into another two selections of the area. You can take the advantage of the screenshot that we have attached for your convenience.

Step, 4️⃣ Edit the Logo

–        It’s time to bring the logo into shape. To edit your logo, you will first have to get a .gif of your designed logo. If you do not have any designed logo, just delete this pre-existing meadow. In case, if you have designed a logo for your company, drag it from its location onto your screen page. You can change it, Resize it, delete and replace the pre-existing logo with yours.

–        You can also edit it narrowly using the selection tools on the right side of the bar. You can also add a square box or a bit of shadow. Don’t forget to use your alignment rulers to make sure that your logo is exactly in the right position where it needs to be.

STEP, 5️⃣ The replication

–        Last but not least, the mundane part of a business card is replication. A simple way of doing this is to click and hold the Option Key and select the text and logo fields. Now go to Arrange and then select the group. It shows that you have copied and checked around all the elements as a single floating field. Then Copy this grouped field. In the next part, just make sure to keep the alignment in the right proportions.

–        All of the divided boxes are your layout area. You can add text boxes, images, shapes, or other creative elements like coupon codes to redeem or might be discount barcodes that are useful for your potential clients. To get a good shape, Move it around to get the perfect card.

–        Just follow the instructions to Replicate each card in the way spoke of earlier. I understand that this technique is more complicated for one who doesn’t have an idea of these tools and designs. But practice makes perfect!

Keep this up and pretty soon you’ll have a wonderful business card!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I make a business card on my iPad?

Yes, you can. Go through the article we have mentioned above in step-by-step instructions.

How do I make a business card in five minutes?

We have an exclusive selection of ready-to-go templates for you and your company. Barely takes five minutes to create your digital business card.

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