March 30, 2023

The use of cardboard for product packaging has spread across all industries. A top custom cardboard packaging is ideal for packing everything from cosmetics to clothing to machines to home goods to food and drinks to accessories. Kraft paper, from which cardboard is constructed, is the material of choice. It’s 100% natural and made from recycled paper and wood pulp. Not only that, but you can recycle them and use them again. Depending on the load and fragility of the item, its strength may be increased. In order to protect their goods, many companies choose to use custom packaging solutions. They are lightweight and durable, making them ideal for transporting valuables. Cardboard offers almost limitless possibilities for personalization.

Some Key Reasons for Using custom cardboard packaging

All of these factors have made cardboard the superior packing material. Some of the ways in which cardboard packaging might boost sales of your goods are detailed below.


Cardboard’s malleability and adaptability make it a very useful material. It’s malleable, so you can give it whatever form you choose. The versatility of cardboard allows for a wide range of uses. Therefore, owing to the malleability of the basic material, you may make boxes of any form, size, color, and style. Cardboard is also compatible with several printing processes, including digital, offset, and screen printing.

In order to make the custom boxes more interesting for the consumers, you can simply print the brand name, logo, and other product data on them. The attractiveness is heightened by the artistic patterns and interesting artwork. Including engaging visuals may be crucial to increasing its worth. You may add a touch of glimmer to your package with the use of contemporary finishing methods such as embossing, debossing, foil stamping, spot UV, etc. Handles, windows, inserts, and die-cut designs may all be added to custom cardboard boxes on the fly.

Strength and Security of Gift Boxes

Cardboard is a sturdy material with a reliable design, so it can hold even heavy goods without bending or breaking. As a result, it is able to reliably shield its cargo from harm and withstand the shocks and hard handling that may occur en route. While plastic isn’t as readily punctured, it also doesn’t provide as much protection in transportation because of its rigidity.


Manufacturers use palm tree pulp to create cardboard. As a matter of fact, it is one of the world’s fastest-growing trees. Because packaging is made from eco-friendly materials, its production poses no threat to the natural world. Corrugated boxes, furthermore, may be recycled indefinitely. They may be used several times or rolled up and stashed away effortlessly. Because they don’t take a long time to decompose in landfills, these boxes are convenient to throw away.

A business may lessen its negative impact on the environment by switching to eco-friendly custom cardboard packaging. If you want to save some energy without sacrificing quality, recycle your cardboard instead of making a whole new one. As a result, recycling is an economically viable technique that helps preserve a wide variety of natural resources.

Make Your Own Gift Boxes

Cardboard’s versatility makes it simple to modify for certain uses. It’s far simpler to work with cardboard than plastic when trying to design a one-of-a-kind personalized gift box. Using cardboard for the box allows you more flexibility in terms of adding graphic designs, logos, inserts, and labels to establish brand identity. Its lighter weight makes it more portable, which is a major selling point.


Low cost is a major factor in the widespread usage of cardboard boxes. There is little to no risk of running out of the material since it is widely accessible. The price of these boxes is far lower than that of other common packaging materials like plastic, metal, and wood. Buying in bulk is the best way to save costs and increase profits. This means it can be made with very few people and simple tools. So, that’s why you see Boxed packaged goods everywhere.

Custom packing boxes may be made for little money by hiring a work crew. As was also said, shipping costs are quite low. That’s why cardboard recycling is such a great idea: it cuts down on waste and production expenses without sacrificing quantity.

Packaging for presents: paper or plastic?

Typically, consumers will purchase anything packaged in cardboard or plastic. Businesses need to weigh a number of variables when selecting a material for gift boxes. There are benefits and drawbacks to each possibility; ultimately, it’s up to you to choose which one is the greatest fit for your company’s needs, reputation, and objectives. Why is it beneficial to have a personalized gift box made?

The Effect of Cardboard Gift Boxes on the Environment

This element may affect both your own ethics as a human being and the reputation of your company from the perspective of customers. In terms of environmental impact, cardboard is preferable since it is often manufactured from recycled materials and sustainably harvested trees. However, plastics need the use of fossil fuels in both their production and their extraction, both of which may have negative effects on the environment.

While plastics cannot be replenished, cardboard can. Cardboard decomposes more sustainably than plastics and has less environmental impact over its lifetime. In contrast to polymers, which might persist for hundreds of years, cardboard can be decomposed completely in a matter of weeks.

Estimated Price of Gift Box

When compared to their plastic equivalents, these boxes are far more cost-effective. Perhaps the higher cost of plastics is related to the scarcity of the raw ingredients utilized to create them. A high-quality box of regular size is far more accessible and less expensive than a low-quality box of oversized dimensions.

Sending goods in custom cardboard packaging is more cost-effective than shipping them in plastic ones due to the former’s lighter weight. Shipping rates are proportional to the mass of the cargo; therefore, obviously, the larger the package, the more the transport expenses will be.

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