July 21, 2024

Disney’s Famous Villain Mothers

Maleficent and Tangled are both very popular Disney movies. One of the factors that makes them successful is thanks to the two villains of the film. Today, let’s learn about these two characters through the lively Maleficent Coloring Pages & Mother Gothel Coloring Pages!

Maleficent & Maleficent Coloring Pages

A costly hit from the Walt Disney Pictures animation studio, Maleficent is based on the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty), but tells a very different tale that leaves a lasting effect on the spectator.

It is the first Disney movie to have a villain, giving audiences a deeper understanding of the suffering that lies behind evil and the process by which a nice person becomes cruel, greedy, and wicked.

A Different Story to Tell

In the tale of Maleficent, a stunning Moorish fairy endowed with great strength and magical spells creates and protects a breathtakingly beautiful and lyrical wonderland.

It is a paradise where everyone is loved and happy, where there is no sadness or night, and where all dreams are possible.

Maleficent’s existence would be like many others’—peaceful and joyful in her own land—until she fell in love with a mortal. That lovely country appeared to last for all time.

Love until there is no reason left, be vigilant, and in the end, the most valuable item in his life will be taken away by that person’s greedy avarice and dishonest falsehoods.

When she realized there was no way out of her grief and despair, wrath and hatred slowly replaced them, and Maleficent’s desire to exact revenge on humans became stronger and stronger.

Cool Maleficent Coloring Pages

Stefan is the boy that Maleficent adores, with whom she spent her youth, and who, because to his avaricious aspirations and avarice, sacrificed all to get Maleficent’s wings and ascension to the kingdom as Maleficent.

After marrying and giving birth to a princess named Aurora, Stefan became the king of a nation. On the day the princess was born, the king hosted a lavish dinner and invited the fairies to come. The fairies took turns blessing the princess.

While there was excitement in the air at the celebration because someone had given Aurora a face like a blossoming flower and a singing voice like a nightingale, Maleficent arrived and shattered all that happiness by placing a nasty curse on her. princess kind.

Only a real kiss can end Aurora’s curse, which states that she will pass into eternal sleep at the age of sixteen when she touches the spinning point. There is no way in the world to preserve it.

The princess was exiled to a deep forest to live with fairies since the monarch was frightened about his daughter and barred all spinning tops from appearing in the realm. She grew up in a tranquil green forest.

Even though Aurora had a terrible curse on her body, Maleficent had secretly looked after and guarded her throughout the years that the tiny princess grew up.

While everyone else despises and fears her, Aurora, who even calls her “godmother,” does not. This, in her opinion, sets her apart from the normal person.

This made Maleficent regret her earlier decision to cast a curse; despite her best efforts, she was ultimately unable to do it; only real love was able to do so.

In this film, a very unique person—not the prince or his parents—is the object of true love.

If you love the profound lesson the movie gives, you’ll probably also love these printable Maleficent coloring pages by coloringcool.com.

Mother Gothel & Mother Gothel Coloring Pages

The main antagonist in Tangled (2010), the 50th Walt Disney Pictures animated feature, is a fictitious character named Gothel.

Some detractors contend that Gothel is a poor villain who is simply too meek. From a different objective vantage point, Gothel rose to prominence despite having an odd personality and an emotional way of living that few are aware of.

Gothel must have been detested by anybody who has ever watched Tangled (Princess with Cloudy Hair). You should attempt to reread the narrative from the perspective of a mother to realize how much Gothel’s duty and commitment are, despite the fact that she exhibits the stereotypical traits of a villain.

Gothel’s Weird Love with Rapunzel

Mother Gothel and Rapunzel Coloring Pages

Gothel accidentally allowed the troops to uncover the magic flower even though she didn’t want to share it with anybody.

She was first greedy and selfish since she wanted to keep the magic for herself. Gothel believed that simply cutting the princess’s hair would revive the magic flower’s power, but the hair instead lost all of its potency after being chopped.

She fled, nonetheless, due to her desire for beauty when the troops arrived. This demonstrates that Gothel is not primarily a bad person; rather, she was reluctant to take Rapunzel to flee.

Gothel pretends to be Rapunzel’s mother but treats her like her own after escorting her to the little tower. She raises Rapunzel with the tenderness and affection of a mother.

She was prepared to go three days to get Rapunzel the paint kit for her 18th birthday after hearing that she enjoyed it. This is not the first time; Rapunzel previously requested the paint kit, and Gothel has frequently purchased it for her daughter, not only by traveling great distances to do so, but also by encouraging her love of art.

Gothel would have made our princess’s life much worse if she had been truly malevolent. But no, she looked after Rapunzel’s every meal and sleep, understood what she loved and required, and frequently made soup, which was her favorite food. Rapunzel’s daily pulling-up-by-her-hair task was the only one that required exertion.

It can be said that by depicting the character image through these Mother Gothel coloring sheets, we can see that this is a villain that makes Tangled much more profound and interesting to the audience.


There is no good movie without a villain, this is also the reason why Maleficent Coloring Pages & Mother Gothel Coloring Pages are also very popular along with the main characters’ coloring pages. Check them out today at Coloringcool.com!

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