December 1, 2023

You must be aware that cable providers are widely implementing DOCSIS 3.1 technology globally. Additionally, gigabit service options using the technology have already been launched by operators in North America and Europe. 

In this blog you’ll read about the methods operators can use to improve the robustness and capacity of their current DOCSIS 3.1 network. 

Toolsets To Optimize DOCSIS 3.1 network. 

The network is perceived differently by different modems. While others may have a pretty clean facility, some modems may experience a noisy environment. In the image, a modem’s perception of interference in a portion of the OFDM channel is illustrated. A “profile” is a particular arrangement of modulation commands for each subcarrier in an OFDM channel.

When the spectrum is clear, profiles enable the channel to operate at a higher modulation order, switching to a more reliable modulation order when interference is present. With numerous profiles, the CMTS is supposed to employ several profiles for various groups of cable modems.

The Profile Management Application Solutions

The implementation of the Profile Management Application has the potential to resolve various problems. For each channel, the PMA develops a set of ideal profiles, which it then allocates to modems. And the PMA does this dynamically by actively interpreting network data that has been gathered. Periodically optimized modulation profiles, as well as backup profiles in case of mistakes, can be created by the PMA. 

Additionally, it has the intelligence to choose when to update profiles across the network. A single PMA instance can quickly build and set up profiles for various CMTSs while also assisting the operator in comprehending the data capacity of each channel.

How It Works

The following would be included in a PMA field deployment:

  • Data collection: For modems and CMTSs to upload signal-quality data, a central server is required. Operators can implement this using the CableLabs DOCSIS Common Collection Framework (DCCF).
  • PMA: This application develops channel-specific optimal profiles using the data gathered. It can start performance tests, configure these profiles on the CMTS, and assign CMs to profiles.
  • The CMTS sets up the profiles for the specific channels, assigns the modulation profiles to the CMs, and then uses the profiles to send and receive data.
  • CMs: Cable Modems receive and send data using the profiles set forth and allocated by the CMTS.

Solutions You Should Consider

Operators can integrate and employ network-deployable software created by broadband management solutions providers within their DOCSIS 3.1 access network. These Broadband PMA solutions can produce optimum OFDM/OFDMA profiles while taking into account the various capabilities supported by various CMTS platforms by using the data generated by the network devices. 

This program is easily scalable throughout an operator’s network because it can calculate profiles for a channel with about 200 CMs in just 30 milliseconds using a single CPU process. Using such a solution framework, many operators are testing and planning PMA deployment. PMA can be obtained through CableLabs C3.

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