March 30, 2023

HBOT is a high-dose, intermittent oxygen inhalation therapy that has gained an enhanced reputation across the world. HBOT stands for hyperbaric oxygen therapy which promotes the natural healing process in the body. It can improve the body’s ability to defend against infection and can also be used to combat a variety of infections.

The circulation of oxygen-rich blood into the vessels can promote gradual healing. During HBO therapy, a person can breathe in pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber with air pressure 1.5 to 3 times higher than usual. There are so many interesting facts to know about HBOT but at the same time, there are a few concerns as well that people should be aware of.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is required to speed up the natural healing process in the body. These specially designed chambers, like this multiplace hyperbaric chamber can be used in wellness centers, and spas and are also installed at home for personal needs. The process requires human beings to enter a closed chamber under specific pressure conditions with pure oxygen levels. The continuous breathing of this pure oxygen content can improve the health and recovery of tissues in the human body. Other than this, it can also enhance the nutrient supply to various elements of organisms. This entire process leads to improved healing with reliable prevention of illnesses.

HBO therapy is widely used to maximize energy levels after a deep sleep treatment. Oxyhelp chambers are capable enough to give considerable physical and mental boost; without requiring you to consume caffeine for daily performance. Experts also recommend Oxyhelp HBO therapy for maintaining improved immunity levels with faster recovery from fatigue. A clean oxygen intake can make people feel healthy with better mental and physical balance.

Although these therapies are currently being used by millions of people across the world, still there are some relevant aspects that you need to know before considering HBOT chamber installation at your home. One important fact is that HBOT is not approved by FDA for medical treatments, but it is a widely accepted solution for several non-medical conditions. Other than this, there are few specific criteria on who should or who shouldn’t use HBO therapy.

Who should not use HBO therapy?

There are so many medical health conditions that do not make HBO therapy safe for users. It includes people with certain lung diseases because they have a risk of a collapsed lung. People that are suffering from fever and cold should also avoid HBO therapy. In case you have had a recent ear injury or surgery then also HBO therapy must be avoided. Other than this, the therapy is not recommended for those who have a phobia of small enclosed spaces.

As per expert advice, the HBO therapy should not last for more than 2 hours and the pressure inside the oxyhelp chamber should not be more than three times in comparison to the normal atmospheric pressure. During HBOT, one should follow a specific set of guidelines and protocols as described by Oxyhelp experts. Otherwise, it can cause some serious side effects to the users. The oxygen dose must be also specific to every individual lying inside the chamber. A few common side effects of wrongly attempted HBO therapy can be:

  • Sinus damage
  • Fluid buildup or rupture in the middle ear
  • Lung damage
  • Low blood sugar levels
  • Change in a vision leads to near-sightedness
  • Oxygen poisoning

The best solution to avoid any side effects associated with HBO therapy is to use high-quality and certified HBOT chambers from Oxyhelp. When used with controlled settings and proper administration, this treatment can promote faster wound healing and performance enhancement for athletes. Many people also consider it the best solution for poor blood flow levels in vessels and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The therapy must be planned as per individual needs. Moreover, the number of sessions required by one user may also depend on his/her current health condition. The success of therapy is highly dependent on the quality of the chamber; since soft-shell chambers cannot provide the desired level of comfort and relaxation with limited oxygen purity. But on the other side, hard-shell chambers can serve individuals with enhanced outcomes. Experts recommend using hyperbaric chamber at home for improvedrelaxation and comfort in stressful life routines.

What are the practical dos and don’ts for HBO therapy?

Before you undergo HBO therapy for the first time, it is important to consider a few dos and don’ts for enhanced safety and comfort. First of all, you should provide information about current medications, if any, to your service provider. Even if you are taking some medications without a prescription, the information must be clearly discussed. Let the operator or therapy consultant in the wellness center know if you are experiencing some symptoms of flu or cold; it is better to delay therapy in these conditions. It is advised not to take metal inside oxyhelp HBOT chambers; however, internal metals such as joint replacements and pacemakers can work. Prefer to avoid using alcohol or oil-based grooming items before lying inside these chambers.

One should not wear any makeup, hairspray, perfume, or aftershave while taking HBOT treatment. It is also good to remove partial plates, dentures, and other jewelry items during the treatment. Flammable substances must be also avoided because oxygen is highly flammable and can cause a hazard if it comes in contact with cigarette lighters and cigarette matches. If you are taking HBO therapy at home, then also you should take care of these protocols to ensure enhanced outcomes.

In order to avail all the amazing benefits of HBO therapy, you can order Oxyhelp chambers for your home right now. The company offers fast and free delivery worldwide with all relevant accessories; moreover, technicians will visit your place to fix the entire equipment. These experts will also train you on how to use the chamber safely and accurately for therapy. You can place an order for HBOT chambers at the Oxyhelp platform to ensure fast delivery at your doorstep. The trained technicians will also arrive to fix the equipment at your home.

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