March 30, 2023
Indian Fast Bowlers

Even though India is known for not producing many top-tier fast bowlers, the subcontinental powerhouse has had several great pacers in the past. In light of India vs South Africa, we thought it would be a good idea to look back at the country’s five best fast bowlers and rank them from best to worst based on insights from latest cricket news today:

  • Venkatesh Prasad (1994-2001)

194 games have been played (33 Tests and 161 ODIs).

292 wickets between Tests and One-Day Internationals (96/196)

In both Tests and ODIs, the average is 33.7 (35/32.3).

BBI: 6-33

BBM: 10-153

Getting four outs: 4

Getting five outs: 8

This tall and slender speedster teamed up with another fast bowler named Javagal Srinath in the middle of the 1990s to create a lethal new-ball assault for the cricket team. At instance, Prasad’s statistics were much better when the game was played in a location outside than the subcontinent as opposed to when it was played on the subcontinent itself.

The ability to move the ball in both directions was Prasad’s strongest asset, and he used this ability to great effect in England in 1996. However, he had his finest game ever in Chennai, when he competed against Pakistan, who are archrivals of India. In the opening match of the series in 1999, he took six wickets while only allowing 33 runs. This includes a record-setting five wickets in one inning with zero runs scored by either team.

Because of his slow ball and consistent accuracy, it was difficult to score against Prasad in one-day cricket, which made his performance in this form of the game more vital for his nation.

  • AjitAgarkar (1998-2007)

There have been a total of 217 (26/191) games (including Tests and ODIs).

346 wickets between Tests and One-Day Internationals (58/288).

The average number of runs scored is 37.6 (47.32/27.85) in both Tests and ODIs.

BBI: 6-41

BBM: 8-160

There were no ten-wicket hauls.

A great fast-medium bowler who didn’t get the credit he deserved because of injuries that probably kept him from reaching his full potential on the field.

Agarkar is on this list mostly because of how well he did in 50-over games, where he took 288 wickets in just 191 games and set a record for the fastest bowler to get 50 victims in One-Day Internationals.

There is still the idea that the all-arounder could have done more with his life and work.

  • Javagal Srinath (1991-2003)

Tests and ODIs have been played a total of 296 times (67/229).

551 wickets were taken in Tests and One-Day Internationals (236/315).

In both Tests and ODIs, an average of 29.3 (30.49/28.08) was found.

Based on the ODI, the economy is: 4.44

BBI: 8-86

BBM: 13-132

At the time that Srinath announced his retirement from international cricket, only the illustrious Kapil Dev had more wickets in tests than he did (although Zaheer Khan did go on to exceed that record). With 315 wickets taken in one-day internationals, he holds the record for the most by a fast bowler in ODI history.

At the beginning of his career, particularly when he was playing on the subcontinent, Srinath relied heavily on the off-cutter due to the fact that he was very quick for an Indian seamer and was arguably the quickest bowler that his nation has ever produced.

However, when he grew older, he improved his bowling talents by learning how to bowl with an away swinger, which made him twice as excellent. As he became older, Srinath improved, much as a fine wine does with age. The final performances of his squad in the World Cup, which took place in South Africa in 2003, were incredible.

  • Zaheer Khan (2000-2012)

He played 288 games (Tests and One-Day Internationals) and won 88 of them.

There have been a total of 564 outs in Tests and ODIs (295/269).

All Tests and ODIs added up to an average of 30.9 (32.35/29.43).

BBI: 7-87

BBM: 10-149

In the first half of his career, he was mostly inconsistent with the ball and struggled with issues with both his hamstrings and his back. However, the second half of his career was completely different from the first half.

The swing bowler began playing in all forms of the game throughout the course of his career-changing stay in county cricket with Worcestershire in the summer of 2006. This is similar to what the great Pakistani left-arm Wasim Akram did in his heyday when he was playing the game.

And Zaheer’s real talent wasn’t so much how much he could make the ball swing, though that was an important part of his arsenal, as it was how much control he could exert and how he seemed to know instinctively how and when to get rid of the other team’s batsmen. Even though he could make the ball swing a lot, that wasn’t his real talent. His real talent was how much control he could exert.

  •  Kapil Dev (1978-1994)

There are 356 matches in all (131 tests and 225 one-day internationals).

He has taken the most wickets in both Tests and ODIs, with a total of 687 (434/253) in both.

Overall avg. (Tests + ODIs): 28.5 (29.64/27.45)

Based on the ODI, these economies are: 3.71

BBI: 9-83

BBM: 11-146

There have been 20 four-wicket hauls.

Getting ten outs: 2

During his 16-year international career, he took a record-setting 434 Test wickets and 253 ODI wickets, making him India’s best fast bowler of all time.

Kapil was the captain of India when they won their first World Cup at Lord’s in 1983. In 1994, he quit the sport as the player with the most wickets ever (431). In 2002, the all-arounder was named India’s Cricketer of the Century for all he had done.

But the medium-fast bowler will be most remembered for his pinpoint accuracy and relentlessly annoying swinging bowled close to the wicket at a fast pace, his exceptional endurance that let him bowl for long sessions, and his ability to get every last bit of talent out of himself.

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