March 29, 2023

The support and love help a person remain positive and productive in every aspect of life. It is necessary to have trust and balance in every relationship. However, people may suffocate their partner emotionally and show aggression toward them. People must understand the signs of a toxic relationship and make rational decisions. Individuals who feel anxious and have low self-esteem due to staying in a toxic relationship should consult the best psychologist in Lahore. The psychologist will help the person understand the cause and ways to deal with it. It will enhance mental health and make them function adequately in every aspect of life.

The signs that one should never ignore in a relationship that indicates toxicity are:

  • The partner shows no emotional or social support. Their partner feels jealous of their achievements and stays in the competition. They feel agitated and do not want them to talk about their professional achievements. 
  • The partner shows no love in public and feels aggressive when they don’t act according to their desire. It causes the person to have a sense of insecurity. The mood swings can lead to anxiousness and other mental problems.
  • The person can notice their partner shows no respect and jokes about their appearance in front of family members and friends.
  • The partner never appreciates when they get ready and feel detached in public settings.
  • The person cannot act freely anywhere. The partner controls their movements and way of expressing themselves.
  • The partner has to be controlling in the sexual activities. The person feels that they are unable to meet their expectations.

A toxic relationship affects the emotional and social life of the person. The effect of toxic relationships include:

  • Low Self-Esteem: The person cannot make their decision without pleasing the partner. Lack of support and love leads to low self-esteem. The person starts to question their ability and try to stay away from opportunities that can help them grow personally and professionally.
  • Anxiety: The aggressive behavior of the partner can cause stress and anxiety. People living in toxic relationships are at a higher risk of suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. Lack of self-esteem makes the person conscious regarding their physical appearance, which can lead to body dysmorphia and anxiety.
  • Neglect Personal Needs and Wants: The consciousness regarding what the partner wants can cause the person to neglect their wants and needs. The person always agrees with the personal preferences regarding food, traveling, and appearance of their partner. 
  • You carry the Negative Energy: The person starts to adjust to the emotional abuse. It affects their physical and psychological health. The person starts to live with emotional abuse, which affects their mindset. They cannot focus on ways to cope with stress and take a step out of the abusive relationship.

The person must understand that the cause of deteriorating physical and psychological health is due to staying in a toxic relationship. The person must:

  • Accept the Truth: Individuals must understand and accept that the behavior of their partner is not normal and is causing anxiety.
  • Talk to the Partner: Firstly, talk to the partner and make them understand that their actions are causing them stress and anxiety. Their irrational way of reacting and lack of support keeps them away from their goals.
  • Set Boundaries: Communication can help save the relationship. The person must set boundaries regarding social and sexual life by mutual understanding. The person should make the partner that the respect must reciprocate.
  • Start Appreciating their Efforts: Even if the partner does not acknowledge the efforts, the person must use affirmative words every day for their achievements.

Step Out of the Abusive Relationship: If after all the efforts, the behavior remains the same, then the person must be courageous to gracefully walk out of the relationship.

Individuals who cannot deal with anxiety and lack self-confidence due to staying in a toxic relationship for years should talk to Dr. Mumtaz Hussain, who can help them cope with the distress.

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