February 28, 2024
Physical Therapy

There are a variety of reasons to seek out Sports Medicine Durham. These include reducing pain, anxiety, and muscle length. There’s also a lot of mental stimulation to be found in the sports-related field, so athletic trainers are often more likely to take requests than their medical counterparts.

Reducing pain

Physical therapy can help you deal with the pain you’re experiencing after an injury. Sports Medical Physical Therapy techniques involve using hot and cold packs to relieve pain and applying tape to damaged parts. Dry needling techniques are also used to relieve muscle tension and target the source of pain. These methods have been shown to reduce pain and dependency on opioid drugs in athletes.

Using a variety of modalities, physical therapists are able to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions. They often work with a patient to wean them off of heavy pain medications. In addition, physical therapists specialize in movement and exercise. Using these skills, they can help patients recover from their injuries and improve their overall health.

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy can also help you prevent future injuries by addressing physical weaknesses before they become serious. A physical therapist will assess your strength and flexibility and evaluate movement patterns for faulty mechanics. The goal of sports medical physical therapy is to reduce pain and restore your body to optimum condition.

Reducing anxiety

Researchers have found that aerobic exercise may be helpful for reducing anxiety. However, future studies should address the intensity of exercise and the type of anxiety disorders affected. The results of one study show that exercise significantly reduces anxiety among participants with social phobia. This research may help determine the best intensity for an exercise program.


The Durham soldier’s first experience in the field was far from ideal. He saw multiple people die in close proximity, including a family member and fellow soldier. He also had to deal with no trigger warnings or safe spaces. But, despite his poor experience, he survived.


If you’re interested in becoming a sports medicine doctor, the Durham area is an excellent choice. In fact, Durham has higher percentages of graduates with bachelor’s degrees than the national average. That means there’s a great demand for sports medicine professionals in Durham. There are a number of reasons for this.

Sports psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on preparing athletes for competition. Psychologists help athletes overcome the stress and anxiety they experience before and during competition. They help athletes improve their self-talk and reduce game-day nerves. Athletes often have negative self-talk that contributes to anxiety. By changing these negative self-talk patterns, athletes can achieve an anxiety-free mental state.

Physical therapy can also be helpful for reducing anxiety. Increasing physical activity is an effective anxiolytic and can improve cardiovascular health. Psychological interventions are not always effective for anxiety, but they can help people recover from it. Psychological interventions and pharmacotherapy are not always effective for people with anxiety disorders.

Reducing muscle length

The goal of reducing muscle length during sports medical physical therapy is to improve performance. Most sports require quick movements and coordination of body parts. Patients may benefit from stretching and strengthening exercises. Therapists may also use instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) to break up adhesions and improve muscle length. They may also apply Kinesiology tape to specific areas of the body to improve blood flow.


In the United Kingdom, the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEME) has produced a guide on the role of physical activity in treating mental illness. The guide provides information for health professionals, athletes, sports organizations, schools, parents, and carers.

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