July 19, 2024
Sports Medicine

A male teenage basketball player is at the doctors office to have some work done on his injury. A physical therapist is working with him on his injury.

A sports physical therapist is a highly trained medical professional who focuses on rehabilitating injured athletes. They assess the patient’s physical limitations and come up with an individualized treatment plan. Then they lead the patient through a variety of exercises, using medical rehabilitation tools.

Locations of a sports physical therapist’s office

A Sports Medicine Durham office is the primary location of a doctor’s practice. They work with athletes to restore their physical health and function. They work closely with sports medicine physicians, parents, and other healthcare providers to help patients return to sports. The therapist must coordinate treatment with all of these stakeholders to ensure the most effective treatment for each patient.

Sports physical therapy

A sports medicine doctor and a physical therapist are two different types of medical practitioners. Each helps patients improve their ability to participate in their favorite activity, be it walking, running, or playing a sport. They also help patients recover from injuries and avoid surgery. However, they do not always share the same training methods. Physical therapists will perform evaluations on an athlete to find out the source of their pain. They will also screen their patient’s movements to identify faulty mechanics.

A sports medicine physician specializes in treating athletes with sports-related injuries. A physical therapist, on the other hand, focuses on rehabilitation and performance enhancement. Both disciplines can treat the same physical issue, such as an ACL injury. However, physical therapists work in high-volume facilities and typically do not perform surgery. Instead, they use therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, and manual therapy techniques to help patients improve their condition.

Prerequisites for becoming a sports physical therapist

Sports physical therapists help prevent and treat injuries by stretching and strengthening the body. They can help people from weekend warriors to professional athletes. Many of them are also athletes themselves, so they understand the competitive nature of the field. As a sports physical therapist, you’ll likely be working on game day or on the sidelines.

A sports physical therapist has a bachelor’s degree in a related field. In addition to completing an accredited college program, they must take the National Physical Therapy Examination and pass a residency program. They must also be certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.

The Sports Medical Physical Therapy Association offers a special section devoted to sports physical therapy, and the organization has nearly 8,000 members. To become a sports physical therapist, you must have completed a physical therapy residency or fellowship. This program consists of a nine to 36-month program and requires at least 1,500 hours of clinical practice. After completing the residency, you can apply for a fellowship in sports physical therapy, which focuses on clinical practice and education.


Sports Medicine Physical Therapy are highly skilled medical professionals who treat injured athletes. Their work involves evaluating patients, assessing their range of motion, and establishing treatment plans. They also evaluate patients and use medical rehabilitation tools to help them heal and strengthen their muscles.

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