April 23, 2024

Warren Digital is a digital marketing agency with proven results, a team of experts, and experience working with a variety of clients. Their goal is to help clients reach their full potential online. They specialize in building intelligent marketing strategies that get results. They work with brands, businesses, and nonprofits to maximize their online presence.

Managing Director at DigitalBridge Investment Management

Warren Roll has joined DigitalBridge Investment Management as the managing director of fiber and small cell strategy. He has over 23 years of experience in global private equity, mergers and acquisitions, and asset management. At DigitalBridge, he is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and consummating new investments. He specializes in fiber, indoor and outdoor small-cell networks, and tower infrastructure.

DigitalBridge has expanded its team by hiring Peter Hopper as Managing Director. Peter has over two decades of dealmaking experience in the digital infrastructure sector. He was previously the co-founder and CEO of DH Capital. Peter will work with the existing investment team to identify new opportunities and focus on strategic assets in the data center and fiber sectors. He will also help provide ongoing support for existing investments.

Author of a book on digital leadership

In this digitized age, few industries can remain untouched by technological and competitive change. Managing this pace of change can be daunting, but Warren Digital has a new book for business leaders that can guide them in their journey to digital success. In his book, Warren identifies potential strategic threats and opportunities for companies.

The author of four books and three digital books, Warren Digital has written on a wide range of topics, including AI, Blockchain, IoT, and marketing automation. His work also focuses on business culture and customer communication. He helps business leaders embrace digital leadership by giving virtual keynote speeches and sharing technology that can transform the way employees work.

As a global influencer and digital expert, Warren Knight has dedicated the last 15 years to enabling business leaders to understand how technology drives success. With his extensive background in building multi-million-dollar businesses, Knight has become one of the leading thought leaders in the field of digital leadership. His approach combines digital transformation with employee empowerment, new ways to innovate, and a new approach to sales and customer engagement.


Warren is an international keynote speaker with a wealth of experience. He has received many industry awards and co-founded two IT companies. One of these, an eCommerce platform, was funded by SEIS and valued at PS1 million within two years. The second was an online learning platform that taught people how to use social media. A PSA and CPD certified speaker, Warren has helped thousands of businesses and organizations create their digital footprint.

A prolific writer, Warren has written four books. His latest book, “Think Digital First” is available on Amazon. In addition, he is also a top global influencer in the field of digital marketing. His latest book will explore the future of work and digital leadership. He lives in the UK and speaks English.

During the past 15 years, he has dedicated himself to helping leaders understand how technology drives business success. His experience in building multi-million-dollar businesses around the world led him to become an expert on digital leadership and innovation. Through his work, he empowers individuals to reach their personal and professional goals while creating stronger companies. Warren Knight is a renowned keynote speaker, trainer, and author of Think #Digital First. His mission is to inspire and help leaders build workplace communities and cultures that foster innovation and growth.


Warren is the founder of the Warren Digital Company and has received several industry awards. He has previously founded two IT companies – an eCommerce platform that was worth over PS1 million within two years, and an online learning platform that taught people how to set up social networks for their businesses. He is also an award-winning coach and a world-renowned keynote speaker.

Having spent the last 15 years helping leaders understand how technology drives business success, Warren Knight has now become a world-renowned thought leader in digital leadership. He works with leaders and teams to embed digital transformation in their organizations by adopting new practices and empowering employees. He also helps businesses engage with future-focused customers via digital channels.

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