May 28, 2024

Golf courses might be found all around the Hawaiian Islands, along with 100 of them often attracting golf enthusiasts. For the casual golfer who needs a few retries, the price of elite private courses can be overwhelming.

Some of Hawaii’s most exclusive golf courses have rounds that can cost less than half tousand. But, for those who know where to go, there are many public courses that offer the crucial ocean vistas at more reasonable prices , and some private courses offer discounted rates and special promotions during off-peak seasons, in some cases it’s even free.

If you want to organize a golf trip that spans across different islands, you may even play roughly fifty holes for an unbelievable budget. To know more about golf in Hawaii, you can visit Let’s explore the article…

Kukuiolono Golf Course

Like most sites in Kauai, this course offers wild chickens as part of the view. Along with wide, forgiving fairways, there are also eye-soothing sceneries of the ocean. Kukuiolono is without a doubt Kauai’s most reasonable course, costing little over $1 for each hole. The fairways and seaside vistas are often found at this regional favorite, which the sugar magnate Walter McBryde generously bequeathed to the general public. Take a head through the Japanese gardens at the nearby park and get a pacifying walk out.

Hamakua Country Club

The Honokaa Country Club, which is located an hour northwest of Hilo in the town of Honokaa, is comparable to a mouthful-eat buffet on a golf budget. No matter how many holes you play or how long you stay on the course, it only costs around $20 for the entire day. Kids under the age of 17 can shake the hearth in golf for free, and as green fees are collected on an honor system, you can enjoy it if there isn’t anyone minding the clubhouse. If it sounds like it has a little old-fashioned charm, consider that the course is nearly 90 years old and the second-oldest on the island.

Ironwood Hills Golf Course

Molokai does boast a nine-hole golf course despite not having any stop lights. Ironwood Hills is located in the foggy Kualapuu uplands, surrounded by stands of Ironwood trees, where fairways are made out of open meadows and panoramas reach all the way to the sea. It’s about as serene and inexpensive as golf in Hawaii can convey. The course’s “clubhouse” is a humble trailer, and the bunkers might just be bare patches of dirt. It’s a near unexplained experience to enjoy playing.

Cavendish Course

Take a turn to Lanai for the most economical golf course, where you can play with an empty pocket. It is a holdover from the time when Lanai was the greatest pineapple plantation in the world, and the Cavendish course in Lanai City was built by Dole and is totally free for pineapple workers and their families. Despite the plantation’s closure in 1992, the course has been maintained by the island’s successive owners, so even though it’s located in the middle of Lanai City, don’t be surprised if an axis deer bolts over the green.

Kahuku Golf Course

Kahuku Golf Course is a challenging test of any golfer’s talent, even with a budget that’s light on the wallet. Eight of the holes on this panoramic Scottish links-style course include ocean vistas, and the course is constantly buffeted by fierce trade winds that blow off the adjacent seas. While teeing off, take a deep breath and you could notice the scent of salt in the breeze; however, don’t expect to smell the restaurant since this is a bring your own lunch type of course.

Pukalani Country Club

Located about 15 minutes from Kahului Airport and on the slopes of Haleakala volcano, Pukalani Country Club is typically recognized as an expensive course as the list shows. The course is well-kept, offers breathtaking vistas, and even has a driving range that is surrounded by a restaurant and clubhouse. It is a popular destination for Maui locals. Additionally, you can play nine holes for just less than fifty dollars if you start after the noon particulars; this is definitely the best golf price on Maui.

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