March 29, 2023

Holiday decorating doesn’t have to be expensive! A little American flag can occasionally have a significant impact. Here are some creative ways to adorn your home with these flags.

The American flag’s bright colors stand out in most home designs, which is one of my favorite things about it. Your home will look beautiful with tiny red, white, and blue accents! So get to work decorating! Create American Flag Door Wreaths and many more designs.


A patriotic touch may be added by placing a few little American flags in flower vases or even just mason jars if you have guests over to celebrate or want a centerpiece at the table for folks to take dessert. You may paint the mason jars red, white, and blue or decorate the flowers in those colors. Or you could just include them in your existing home’s d├ęcor.


The patriotic candles are another easy DIY project. You don’t even need to buy mason jars if you have ones lying around your house. The jars should be thoroughly cleaned, and any labels should be taken off. Fill the jar with a flag, sand, and a candle, and you’re finished! Everyone will Love it!

Door Wreath

The straw wreath form should be encircled by your red and white striped twill ribbon. Pull it tight and avoid any overlap at all costs. Although it is a tight fit, the 9′ may be used. To the wreath, fasten the chalkboard pennant banner. Simply tie it on; you don’t need to use hot glue. Finally, hot glue the three flags on the wreath shape and tie a straightforward bow with the star burlap. Afterward, use the additional star burlap to hang the wreath. And your American flag door wreath is ready. 

Cake Stand

To make a miniature cupcake monument, place flags on top of a two-tier cake stand. To create it, start by painting and priming a wooden plaque and finial. Drill holes in the diameter of the flag dowels into three designated locations on the base of a wooden plaque. Flag dowels should fit securely into the drilled holes in the wooden base before the finial is attached.


Position Ten flags at attention on the swinging gate and a banner of flags draped across the doorway. Use a stapler or drill holes in a piece of 2-by-2-inch timber the diameter of the flag dowels, and tack it to the gate each spring or summer to attach the flags.


Make a sort of flag garland to hang on your fence. Adorn a simple white picket fence with 8-inch-wide bunting. Cut a length of bunting that is 1 3/4 times the desired length of your swag as a starting point. Next, pleat the material: Lay the fabric out initially with the wrong side up. To create a single box pleat, crease the corners of a block of blue so that the red and white stripes will line up. Then, fold the blue so that the creases meet in the middle. Spray the folds with starch and iron them as you go, then sew a straight stitch along the top.

There are so many things you can do with small American flags. Make an American flag door wreath or create garlands for your home.

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