May 24, 2024
Vastu consultant in Kolkata

As per Vastu consultant in Kolkata, a vastu can have primarily 4 types of facing. Namely north facing, east facing, west facing and south facing. 

Each side has at least a couple of good spots for the main door. However among these 4 facing orientations, north and east are considered most positive. 

Vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals the effects of each of the 8 padas these 2 side offers to its main gate vastu. 

Np1 and N2 are both negative in nature. Np 1 makes its occupants harmed by bad intentions of other people. Np2 makes its occupants live in fear of enemies, and always feel that others are jealous of them.

The Np 3, Np 4 and Np 5 padas are all positive. Np 3 door brings lots of financial hold along with male progeny and No 4 brings plenty of inherited and earned money. Np 5 entrance makes people religious, non-aggressive and calm.

However, Np 6, Np 7 and Np 8 padas are negative again. Np 6 entrance makes residents behave in a manner that people generally disapprove of and thus don’t listen to them.

Np 7 entrance will influence the grown-up girls in the family dare to go beyond the traditional beliefs and culture of their family; resulting in domestic conflicts. Np 8 entrance offers a higher bank balance.

Now Vastu consultant in Kolkata shall discuss the eastern side pada and its effects.

 Ep1 and Ep 2 padas are both negative. Np 1 causes fire, accidents and losses, while Np 2 entrance results in birth of too many girls which increases wasteful expenditure.

Ep 3 and Ep 4 padas are both positive. Ep 3 entrance brings in money, profits and success. Ep 4 entrance boosts its inhabitant’s relation with people in the government, helping them in reaping good personal benefits.

However, the remaining padas are negative again. Ep5 makes people to become extremely short-tempered, while Ep6 entrance makes it difficult for people to stay true to their words, making them unreliable.

Ep7 pada makes people become insensitive towards others. They overlook the problems and inconveniences of other people. Ep8 entrance can lead towards accidents, financial losses, burglary and such other related problems.

Even though there are many negative padas in each of these 2 sides, they are all considered as minor defects which can be corrected 100% with remedies like space surgery technique.

To know the features of west and south entrance vastu, get in touch with our expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata only at Vaastu Mangaal. Description- Vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals why north and east facing properties are considered as most auspicious by them.

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