March 30, 2023

If you keep smelling gas around your house, hear hissing sounds, or spot your favourite plants withering, it might be a sign that you have a faulty gas line in need of repair.

While you might be inclined to solve the issue yourself, it is best to involve a professional so you do not endanger yourself or the people around you. A professional gas service will help you with not only a gas leak but also the maintenance of your gas systems. But before you reach out to a gas plumber, here are signs indicating that you need to repair your gas lines:           

1. That unusual smell in the house

The most common sign regarding a gas line leak is the unusual, prominent gas smell in and around your kitchen and other areas in the house.

If you notice the smell, switch off your gas supply and get immediate assistance. It could lead to a fire inside your home if left untreated. 

2. The hissing sound

If you hear a faint whistling when you’re in the kitchen, your gas pipe might have ruptured. When you listen closely, you can detect the source of the fuel leak.

If you hear the hissing sound, switch off your gas supply valve immediately to avoid the spread of the gas throughout your house. Next, call your local gas plumber to fix the problem as soon as possible.               

3. Rusting pipeline

The metal pipes in your house are prone to corrosion, as they’re likely to come in contact with water. A corroded pipeline eventually wears off and can lead to hazardous outcomes. They must never be ignored.           

After years of accumulating rust, simply dusting the surface of the pipeline won’t do. If you notice a corroded pipe and want to avoid a burst or leak, call your local plumbers to detect the underlying issue. 

4. Withering plants               

Your indoor plants can also be indicators of a gas leak. Leaked gas replaces the oxygen in the atmosphere required for your plants and grass; you can see them wither and die over time.   

Do not ignore the sign as a mere landscaping or fertiliser problem. This could be a serious indication of a gas leak.

5. Bills cramming up

Are you suddenly noticing that your electricity bills are unusually high? The leaking gas from the cracked or worn-off surface of the pipe can lead to hefty bills. Even if you do not use gas that often, you would have to pay a large amount. Consider whether this is a sign of potential damage in the pipeline. 

Compare past bills to determine if your bills are higher than usual, and inspect your gas pipe system to avoid unnecessary expenditure. 

6. Malfunctioning appliances 

Gas repair becomes a necessity if your home is an older construction. Your water heater, dryer, and furnaces can also be powered by gas. 

If you notice multiple appliances malfunctioning, it is time to inspect the gas line thoroughly. 

Get your plumbing right

Keeping your plumbing and pipeline system running is a challenge. You are bound to have a problem now and then. Rather than trying your hand at a do-it-yourself project, rely on a professional plumbing service for all your plumbing needs. Keep a list of plumbers handy and have a well-maintained pipeline and gas system for a safe and healthy household. 

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